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| Updated: January 04, 2021 3 min read

Fostering camaraderie in the workplace doesn’t just make the office a better place to be—it makes life better. A survey showed that 70% of employees feel friends are critical for a happy work life. Consider the following statistics:

With unprecedented stressors and many staff members working from home for the first time, team bonding is a top priority.

Make people feel welcome

Just like in sports, giving everyone a uniform can be a great way to make staff feel like they’re part of the team. And while the word “uniform” may bring to mind a polo shirt, but there other options. Consider a stylish athleisure shirt or pullover that’s both comfortable and appropriate.

Find ways to have fun

Whether people are working in the office or from home, fun activities can help bring them together:

  • Have a game night (or afternoon): Playing word games or trivia, whether online or in-person, can get team members talking, laughing and having a good time. Provide team shirts to up the fun factor.
  • Get lunch: Remind staff members to take a lunch break and encourage team bonding by eating together over a video chat. Take turns planning lunchtime trivia questions and hold prize drawings for a chance to win logoed socks.
  • Enjoy an event together: Even if your team can’t go to a sporting event, they can still enjoy one together virtually. Employees can turn on the game and their webcam for some good-natured banter. You can even give everyone an interesting baseball tee.

Work out together

Whether you’re sponsoring an in-office sports team, offering weekly exercise classes or encouraging employees to take part in a wellness program, a T-shirt helps them feel like they belong. Hand one out to everyone on your company team (including cheerleaders) or offer one to everyone who participates in company-sponsored wellness initiatives.

Show you care

Of course, camaraderie isn’t just about finding a way to get employees to bond. It’s also about showing that your company looks out for everyone. Give staff members who work in extreme conditions an extra-warm jacket. Provide face masks and sanitizer to all staff members who work in the office.

Creating camaraderie

Building camaraderie in the workplace is more essential than ever as people learn to work in new—and sometimes stressful—environments. Creating fun opportunities and handing out workplace apparel can be great ways to bring staff together.