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Boost referral rates: Increasing your referral base to yield impressive results
Boost referral rates: Increasing your referral base to yield impressive resultsIt’s no secret that the healthcare industry relies on positive feedback to generate referrals from happy, loyal customers and other healthcare professionals. It’s also no secret that increasing referrals usually equals bigger payback than traditional marketing methods alone.How do you increase your professional and patient referral base to yield more business down the road? We’ve compiled a few tips to get you moving even quicker in the right direction:

Segment your audiences
As your referral resources come from different areas of practice or specialty, it’s important to remember the power of segmentation:

  • Building relationships with doctors has likely been a priority for your organization and continuing to grow that referral base is a smart marketing strategy. One tactic is to look to the doctors’ nurses, medical assistants and receptionists to help begin a relationship. Their opinions and influence weigh strongly and can help connect your organization with a new referral base.

Medi-Serv Homecare consistently relies on all levels of care providers for building its referral foundation. This 4imprint customer provides imprinted Measuring Tapes to all contacts because they’re effective and useful tools during the workday – from measuring infants’ heads during well-baby check-ups to adult leg diameters for compression stockings!

  • If not already being tracked, begin to research what sources are providing the most patient referrals to you on a monthly basis. Based on this information, group your referrers into clusters, based on their referring value to your practice. Then, we recommend tailoring your marketing and relationship-building to your top-most referrers.
  • Patient-to-patient referral is growing, especially with new advancements in online referral and review bases (such as HealthGrades or RateMDs). Consider targeting your promotions to your own patients and building goodwill by giving them items of value like newsletters profiling patient success stories paired with first aid kits. Show your friendly, fun side by providing Happy Highlighters to patients after each visit or compliment paid.

Be a valuable resource
For potential referrers, your value is to help them better serve their patients. Ensure you’re maintaining an indispensable status by:

  • Providing essential information – Whether you have an applicable article to pass along, a new technology or service to discuss, or a new program or promotion, make sure it takes center stage. This will ensure you’re positioned as an expert in your field, rather than a time-consuming inconvenience. When you’re finished, consider leaving multiple copies of related resources with them to reference later or share with colleagues. Keep them together with a reusable clips.
  • Keeping potential and current referrers in-the-know – If you’re planning the onset of a new technology, service or program that will potentially impact their field, be sure to dispense any necessary information ahead of time. Consider holding an “invite-only” meeting for all of your top- and second-tier referrers. During the pre-launch meeting, explain the new product, service or technology, seek their support and welcome questions. Then, as a follow-up to the meeting, mail or drop off a supplementary information kit, complete with your phone number imprinted onto pen, pill dispenser key tags or business card magnets.

By segmenting your audiences and proving to be a valuable resource, boosting your organization’s referrals will come naturally. Just remember to keep relationships at the forefront while continuing to supply a wealth of essential information. We know you can do it!

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