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Many nonprofits are tasked with doing more with less. But you only have so much time, money, volunteers and staff. If your team is stretched thin, it may be time to consider outsourcing. Outsourcing can bring benefits to both your organization and your community.


Get expertise when needed

When it comes to complicated and ever-changing topics like laws and technology, the phrase “moving target” may come to mind. Tax codes and other financial regulations often undergo yearly changes. And technology changes and security concerns crop up every day.

Keeping a regular IT person or accountant on staff is expensive, and with so few permanent staff members, it would likely leave them with little to do on a day-to-day basis.

Outsourcing these important jobs means you can reduce your accounting and IT costs to a few days a year while keeping on top of important updates. You can also get access to other experts, including copywriters, web designers and graphic artists. And in some instances, you may even be able to recruit volunteers with expertise in the area you require.

Thank those who donate their time with nonprofit giveaways like a T-shirt or polo. Or if you want to offer something more one-size-fits-all, a tumbler or a laptop backpack work well.


Keep mission-focused

There are only 24 hours in a day, so working on one item from your to-do list may mean another gets delayed. Instead of crowding more tasks into your already full days—risking burnout for yourself, your staff and your volunteers—outsourcing can help prevent tasks from piling up. Outsource simple things like filing and photo editing so staff can focus on more pressing matters.


Scale based on need

The needs of your nonprofit can grow or shrink suddenly when the unexpected arises. If the community you serve goes into crisis, you may temporarily need additional help. For instance, more accounting services to handle everything from paying for additional services to payroll changes as you add a staff member.

The advantage of outsourcing those services is that you can tap the resource during times of need and cut back when the need has passed.


Reduce staff stress

In the nonprofit world, staff members wear many hats, from setting up events to writing grants to answering public questions.

By adding outsourced freelancers to the mix, employees can spend less time doing jobs that require skills or information they don’t have and can’t easily acquire, while ensuring the job gets done right the first time. And you won’t have to pay an expert to make corrections.

Depending on the ask, sometimes a volunteer will be willing to take on a small or short-term job. For example, a professional editor might be willing to take a look at a monthly newsletter, or a graphic designer might be able to update or recreate an old logo file.

A nonprofit giveaway like a wireless charging clock makes a great thank-you gift to those who volunteer their time and skills.


Get more done. Get it done well.

In the end, the biggest benefit of outsourcing is simple: Using top talent to accomplish your goals while keeping your staff from burning out. And that’s a great thing both for your organization and the community you serve.