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The benefits of community involvement extend far beyond feeling good. When consumers are deciding where to shop or what products to buy, 82 percent consider a business’ social responsibility, according to one study. Another study found that 72 percent of consumers recommend brands that support good causes over ones that do not. Spoiler alert—community involvement is good for business.

If your business is already doing good things to support the community it serves, tell the world about it. Here are several ways to share your good:

  • Share on social media: Make your community involvement known in real time when you share pictures or video of your staff engaged in service. Facebook®, Instagram® and Snapchat® are great social sharing sites. Promote engagement by asking friends and followers to caption or share your photo for a chance to win a prize. A logo’d gourmet pizza cutter or Pocket LED Flashlight are nice options.
  • Post on your website: Your website is a great place to showcase your organization’s community involvement. Ask employees to write down how much time they have volunteered during the past year. Put a dollar amount on that time, and post it on your website to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to the community. Include a link in enewsletters and on social media to drive traffic.
  • Hold a fundraiser: Is there a particular organization or cause your company has prioritized? If so, offer to host a fundraiser for it. Hold a penny war where customers and employees can donate spare coins, or be a drop-off site for a food, coat or toy drive. Provide those who stop in to support the cause with a token of appreciation—like a logo’d multi-tool or cell phone holder.
  • Sponsor a photo booth: Event sponsorships are a great way to show others the importance of community involvement. You can take your sponsorship to the next level by arranging for a photo booth to capture the spirit of the evening. Guests will love commemorating the night with a logo’d framed.

Sharing the good things your organization does helps spread the love and broadcast the benefits of community involvement. Keep doing good and telling others about your hard work. It’s good for business and it’s contagious!

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