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| Updated: January 07, 2021

Do you have a booth display at the community business expo? Do you promote any of your agency’s services at local farmers’ markets? Do you look for talent at area career fairs? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to keep reading.

An attention-getting display booth gets noticed. And creating one takes time, effort and money. Make sure your investment is worthwhile with these booth display ideas.

Components of an effective display booth


Your display booth should be unique while still reflecting your agency’s brand and mission. For instance, a booth promoting healthy eating may consider a plate-shaped display or one that takes the form of fruits and veggies. Choose colours and fonts that complement your brand, stand out and are easy on the eyes. And don’t forget to tie your giveaway into your mission.


Exhibiting experts agree you have three seconds to grab the attention of a passerby. Trade show games, props and themes add interest to your booth display and may pique the curiosity of onlookers. Is your aim to educate the public about one of your agency’s services? Consider trade show games such as spin to win —players spin the wheel and answer a question about your agency or its services. Award chocolate prize money for participation.


Social media nicely complements your efforts. Tweet during your event, post updates to Facebook® or consider live-streaming. Be sure to also include a hashtag on your booth display, literature and giveaways—choose a hashtag stress reliever or ear bud wrap or a gift that doubles as a social sharing reminder.The term “social” applies to your staffers, too. Make sure you choose people who are outgoing enough to start a conversation without coming across as pushy. Sometimes, a simple question such as, “Are you enjoying the event?” is all it takes to spark a worthwhile conversation.


Last but not least, ensure your display booth is useful. Are you participating in a career fair? Don’t let top talent pass you by. Have recruitment folders and job applications available at your job fair booth. Better yet, provide tablets for recruits to apply then and there. Applicants may also appreciate the opportunity to set up an interview. Better still, if manpower allows, provide interviews right at your job fair booth.

Be the talk of the town at your next job fair, business expo or farmers market with these helpful booth display ideas. Best of luck!