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Whether it’s your tenth year or your hundredth year in business, anniversaries are success milestones that offer opportunities for celebration and promotion. They communicate to staff, clients, vendors and the community-at-large that your business has passed another important threshold—adding credibility to your offerings and reputation.
Don’t let another anniversary pass you by just because you may be too busy to plan. Instead, use it as a reason to cheer and showcase your success! Here are some fun ideas to incorporate into your next “big day.”

Put a planning team in place
Ask staff to assist in the planning of the upcoming event to produce great ideas and increase organizational participation. Having a planning team is also an opportunity for staff to claim some ownership in having helped the organization reach another anniversary date. Provide the team with a budget and deadline and then ask them for updates as the plan progresses.Ensure that the team has a marketing person in the mix. External marketing will be one of the critical components—you will want to communicate this special event to all your audiences.

Develop the plan

The planning team must develop clear objectives for the event at the onset. These may include: to raise awareness of the business’ longevity and success; to encourage staff to celebrate their contributions; to say thank you to customers and vendors for their support. These goals will guide the tactics and communications for the anniversary event and dictate the scope of the celebration.

Offer thanks

The reason anniversaries exist is because people have supported your business. Whether they are your customers, staff or vendors, their efforts to partner with you or purchase from you is the bottom line for your celebration. Thanking them should always be one of your goals. As the plan develops, consider sending appreciation gifts: for staff hand out logo’d jackets, or for vendors mail a gourmet cookies gift box.

Customers should be thanked as well for their patronage. Whether you consider mailing individually wrapped chocolate gold coins with the message saying their support is priceless, or giving away seed packets that communicate growth, your gratitude for their business will have them continuing to speak highly of you.

Throw a party

Simply communicating your anniversary undervalues its importance. Ask the planning team to include a celebration on the actual anniversary date. It can be a simple affair with cake at lunchtime or something more in-depth. Commemorative items to consider might be imprinted fleece blankets, picture frames or even ceramic mugs with your anniversary date.

Anniversaries are amazing opportunities to celebrate your business’s accomplishments and to tell your story. Use every channel available to communicate the success your business has had and thank your audiences for their efforts on your behalf!

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