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Agile marketing

Agile marketing is an approach that values responding to change over following a plan. Simply put, it describes the ability to respond to changes in the marketplace quickly and easily. It’s about providing the right message, at the right time, through the right channel—all of the time. And implemented correctly, it can prepare your marketing team for just about anything.

If you think it sounds too good to be true—it’s not. But it doesn’t occur out of luck or happenstance. It requires building an agile workplace culture—one that empowers its people to make decisions, take initiative, experiment and even fail. These three steps will help create an agile culture within your organization:

  1. Lead to empower: Being agile means employees are empowered to adapt, communicate and learn without permission and with support from leadership. Effective leaders welcome change, encourage flexible learning, and reward experimentation and creativity.Keep in mind that mistakes will happen, but a culture that punishes failure will obstruct risk-taking. Effective leaders encourage research and experimentation. Consider offering small gifts, such as Digital Display Power Banks or swivel tech screen cleaners, to show gratitude and appreciation for innovative efforts.
  2. Define your purpose: An agile culture requires all hands on deck, moving quickly. And you can’t move fast without a unified vision of where you are going or how you will get there. Communicate your project goals and how you will reach them. Reinforce them continuously. Retractable banners and posters, as well as laptop cases and tumblers, imprinted with your vision can help keep your efforts top of mind.Also, coming together for a shared purpose requires the formation of teams, not silos. Barre Hardy, senior director and agile marketing research lead with CMG Partners, says for best results, assemble groups to fit your organizational goals versus your organizational chart.
  3. Be quick while being transparent: The world we live in today is all about instantaneous everything. And consumers expect marketing to be no exception. Think short planning cycles versus year-long marketing plans. This allows organizations to react quickly to customer feedback or market changes. Remain transparent to your team in this fast-paced environment by publicly displaying real-time marketing milestones and results on company leaderboards or on your organization’s Intranet. Remind your people to check for updates frequently—imprint your URL for updates on a Tech Buddy or Ear Bud Wrap/Key Tag.

Agile marketing can improve the performance of your business; if appropriately incorporated into your company’s culture, it can increase employee satisfaction and productivity. Follow the steps above for a seamless transition to an agile culture. For more information on agile marketing, check out our Blue Papers®.

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