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| Updated: March 25, 2021 3 min read

When it comes to page speed, the biggest contributing factor is the site’s size. When a user visits your website, their browser must load a lot of elements, including images—all while the clock ticks. Shave off some wait time with:


Image optimization

Images on your site should be optimized for the web. High-resolution images will take longer to load and will torpedo your page load time. All web images should be compressed, scaled and sized to 100KB or less.


Browser caching

When you use browser caching, repeat visitors don’t have to wait for all the elements of your page to load every time they visit. Browser caching stores some of your site’s data temporarily on the user’s computer, decreasing load time on future visits.



The smaller the elements on your site, the faster it will load. By enabling compression (think .zip files), you can reduce files by 50% to 70% (that’s a lot of data!).


Mobile optimization

Twenty-one percent of online donations are made via a mobile device, which usually load slower than desktops. Make sure your mobile site is up to speed by reducing content, shrinking images and optimizing video content for mobile. You may even wish to direct those wanting to donate online to a mobile app. Entice them to do so by entering those who download and use your app into a prize drawing. A zip-up picnic blanket or insulated tote are great nonprofit giveaway ideas.



When first creating a site, many choose the least expensive hosting option for their needs. But as the site’s traffic picks up, that option may no longer be sufficient. Make sure your host isn’t slowing you down and that it can adequately handle the volume of traffic. If it can’t, it may be time for an upgrade.


We hope these tips help speed up your site and amp up donations. Regardless of how supporters donate, send a heartfelt thank you accompanied by a nonprofit giveaway to show your appreciation. A lapel pin, keychain or magnet work wonders to share the love and your mission.