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| Updated: January 08, 2021

Recognizing employee anniversaries and milestones can have a big impact on company morale. According to Gallup®, only about one in three employees are engaged at work. Celebrations and other forms of recognition provide ways to acknowledge hard work and dedication—and that can help improve employee engagement. Recognizing employee success can also motivate other staff members.

Employee anniversary gift ideas

Gifts—especially unique ones—are an effective way to celebrate your employees’ achievements.

Provide tiered gift choices

All anniversaries are important, but a long-term employee deserves a more robust gift. Develop gift tiers to recognize anniversaries from five years to 50 years. Put several gifts in each tier and then let employees choose whatever tickles their fancy. Gifts could range from a logoed fleece or set of imprinted wine glasses to a wheeled, Wenger® laptop bag or logoed gift bag.

Present a personal gift

If you’re looking to make a more personal choice, consider gifts tailored to individual employee interests. Employees who love food might appreciate a restaurant gift card. Buy tickets to a comedy show for the team comedian, or give movie passes to the film enthusiast. Make your presentation perfect by giving it in a logoed gift bag.

Treat them to lunch

Sometimes the greatest gift of all is the gift of time. Organize a department lunch or end-of-day happy hour. Have staff sign a card and don’t forget the anniversary cake!

Create a heartfelt video

Milestones such as 10, 20, or 30+ years of service are particularly noteworthy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average employee tenure in 2016 was only 4.6 years. Celebrate those who break the mold with a special gift, such as a testimonial video. Ask co-workers to talk about their teammate and record their favorite memories or the lessons learned. Present the video on a laser-engraved, Wood Swing USB Drive.

Design a commemorative book

A book is another great choice for long-established employees. Take photos, write down funny memories and record accomplishments. Present the book along with a logoed Leather Bookmark. And don’t forget to include an e-version!


Make your staff feel special by celebrating employee anniversaries with these employee anniversary gift ideas. The result will be happier, more engaged employees—something that’s good for your business, its people and its bottom line.