Alexis is a US Navy veteran, with 4imprint since 2012.  She’s a Team Lead, working with 4imprint’s government customers.

“I served 4 years active duty as an Operation Specialist 2nd class. Upon completion of my enlistment, I got a Bachelor’s degree in Education, and an MBA in Organizational Leadership. One of the most valuable lessons I have learned working here, is to always jump at the opportunity to learn another team member’s job. The better we understand the challenges that face all positions within the company, the better we are able to help each other internally and in turn serve our customers better!”

4imprint is an excellent company! They offer great benefits & are flexible and supportive of families.“My favorite thing about working at 4imprint is the communication, leadership and support I receive. Team members are able to go above and beyond for the customer, because they know those decisions will be supported and encouraged! I really enjoy helping customers when faced with tough budget challenges and time constraints. It is truly amazing sometimes what we are able to achieve for our customers!”


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