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| Updated: March 31, 2022


For Your Cause

Whether it’s a non profit, school store or fundraising, if you need money for the mission, promotional products work.


My daughter and her friends sold umbrellas in their school colors, with the school logo, to raise money to attend Model UN. I saw lots of people carrying them at a rainy track meet this weekend, and parents were happy to be able to spot each other.

Carol from Peaks Island, # 103238, 46″ Arc Umbrella

We have an annual fundraiser to support the local fire department in getting new equipment. The community loves products with the fire dept logo and we are always looking for new ideas. We saw these water bottles and fell in love. We were able to sell them for $25 each bringing us a nice profit. We will be sure to come back to 4imprint for more ideas and more water bottles!

Mallerie with Dubois Volunteer Fire Department, # 105653-25, Camelbak Eddy Bottle – 25 oz.

We have an annual charity run that helps a number of student leadership programs in our area. Having a custom design like this really let us show everyone all the great things our club does in the community so people could see where their donation was going. People like to see the positive and this bag was an amazing way to let them.

Sean with Kiwanis Club of East Orange County, # 104566-129-FC, Oxo-Biodegradable Grab Bag – 12″ x 9″ – Full Color

The library used the first order of grocery bags to raise money to professionally frame a 9/11 American Flag that has the names of individuals that died in the 9/11 tragedy, which cost several hundred dollars. Second order of grocery bags was used to raise funds for Children’s Summer Reading Programs.

Claudia with Orwigsburg Area Free Public Library, # 106836-1312
 , Value Grocery Tote – 13″ x 12″

Saying Thank You

Whether it’s for saying thank you to volunteers, to applaud hard workers for a job well done or for recognizing an anniversary, here are some creative ways to say “thanks.”


We gave out the deluxe snowbrushes (personalized with our logo) for a holiday gift. We attached a note letting them know that there was “snowbuddy” like them with a picture of a snowman.

Catherine from Catonsville, # 2271, Deluxe Snowbrush

For thank you gifts during an open house and tour of our Oncology Center… we filled these with red crinkle paper, half-bottles of French wine, an informative brochure and imprinted thank you note. Tied with red (for red wine) and white (for white wine). Physicians and dignitaries enjoyed the gift. We also gave ‘to go’ dinners so guests could enjoy catered dinners at home with their families.

Beth with Sargent Marketing Group, Inc., # 110226-610, Boutique Die Cut Shopper – 6″ x 10″

We used the Challenger mug to give out to our computer education/ professional non-profit membership and to both celebrate our 25th Anniversary as well as get the word out for our new web URL address. The mug is inexpensive and is promotional effect last for years and always close to our member’s eyes. A very cost effective way of promoting our group.

Bob with Excel Technical, # 4920-C, Challenger Mug – Color – 11 oz.

We are an infertility specialty practice helping people build their families. These bears, with our logo, are part of a gift bag we provide to our patients when they “graduate” ~ meaning, when they are pregnant. It is often a long emotional journey and we are so pleased to be able to give our patients a cheerful teddy bear along with other item. We hope it reminds them how grateful we are that they chose us to help them build their family.

Darcie with Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists, # 117885-B, Little Paw Bear – Brown

I gave the stylus pens to the folks I supervise and those I work with in our agency. I used the gift as a thank you and holiday gift. We all have iPads®, smartphones or other tablets and the stylus will be very useful. Others commented that they liked having both the blue and black ink in the pen. Many prefer to sign documents in blue while taking notes in the black ink. All were well received.

Pamela with Prairie Lakes AEA, # 115510, Chevron Dual Ink Stylus Metal Pen


Spreading the Word

Whether it’s for saying thank you to volunteers, to applaud hard workers for a job well done or for recognizing an anniversary, here are some creative ways to say “thanks.”


We are a non-profit organization that takes our donors into the field to see our work. We will give each of them one of the shirts to help promote our organization in their home communities.

Anne with Agros International, # 105472, Harriton 5.6 oz. Easy Blend Polo

We give out bags for our dog boarding customers and they love using them to bring their items for the dogs back with them when they come again. Plus they can use them for groceries or whatever and our name gets out there.

Mike with Anderson Kennels, # 1660-1310-B, Kraft Paper Brown Eco Shopping Bag – 13″ x 10″

We use the mug with our logo in our auction website pictures to help customers judge the size of pictured items. The mug logo on the web pictures is an additional marketing tool and now customers want their own mugs! We have used them as giveaways to staff and customers.

Sandra with Bontrager Real Estate & Auction Service, # 311-C, Campfire Ceramic Mug – Colored – 15 oz.

We are promoting the sport of competitive trail riding with the North American Trail Ride Conference. All of our members carry several of these fans as they ride. We use them to cool off the horses, but we also hand them out like business cards to other riders that we meet on the trail. No one ever throws them away! This is a second order for us.

Anonymous, # 109839-RD, Breezin’ Plastic Hand Fan – Round

With every mobile repair that we do; we include one of these microfiber wipes with our logo so they’ll remember our company & recommend us to their friends and family.

Jennifer with FoxPaw, # 103454-66, Microfiber Laptop Cleaning Cloth – 6 x 6

We’re a rookie robotics team this year and to help befriend other teams and to spread the news of our team we handed out pens at both of our competitions so far this year. They were used by judges to take notes, other teams for scouting, and at the front table to sign out safety glasses. We always get complimented on them and love using the pens ourselves!

Han with Combustible Lemons, # 6551, Javelin Pen


Team Unity

Whether you’re looking to outfit your team for a consistent look, trying to build morale, or you want to create ‘walking billboards,’ promotional products get the job done.


This was part of this year’s Christmas present for my staff. They were thrilled with the jackets and I love the fact that I constantly see the staff WEARING the jackets!! One employee was so pleased, that her kids wanted matching ones…even her kids thought our jackets are cool!!

Christopher with Generations Radiotherapy, # 120144, Kangari Hooded Softshell Jacket

We have 36 offices across the SE U.S. Four of those offices are audited each year. The audit team consists of one Administrator from each of the neighboring offices. I give each Administrator an embroidered Tote and a nice write up thanking them for their assistance. They are all happy with a useful award with the company logo.

Mark from Fort Worth, # 112756-E, Utility Tote Embroidered


The items we purchased were used to raise awareness and provide support for a new wellness initiative within our company. Everyone that participated in the current program got a water bottle. It has the plant buzzing about the wellness program!!!

Anonymous, # 110436-16, PolySure Cyclone Sport Bottle – 16 oz.

We had a team engagement event and used the mints as favors. They were a huge hit. It was very important to me to personalize the favors with something meaningful for our associates and these mints did just that.

Anonymous, # 572, Buttermints


We purchased watches as Holiday staff gifts with company logo on them to increase team motivation. We are in the medical field so all employees having a watch with a second hand is important to their day to day responsibilities. These made great gifts and the team was excited to receive them. Everyone loved the logo!

Melissa with Clay Duval Pet Emergency, # 115600, Colorful Silicone Strap Watch

We have various brands that all funnel up to our corporate brand Affinity Group Credit Union. Our team may be working for one of the local brands and we are using the scratch-pads as a way to connect everyone to the Affinity brand.

Matt with Affinity Group Credit Union, # 83025, Scratch Pad – 6″ x 4″


These earbuds were ordered to attract associates to an online eLearning portal. These are a giveaway as well part of our new hire on boarding packet. The look of product is far above the price and it truly sparks my team to do more!

Anonymous, # 106759-C, Ear Buds w/Interchangeable Covers – Colors


Build Your Brand

Whether you’re looking to outfit your team for a consistent look, trying to build morale, or you want to create ‘walking billboards,’ promotional products get the job done.


We decided to order these polo shirts as uniforms for our team. We now make a great impression to all customers walking in and there’s no confusion as who is an employee and who is not. It also helps us further brand our company using company colors and the logo on shirt.

Carolina from Boca Raton, # 6443, Jerzees SpotShield Knit Shirt


We visit different businesses and are always looking at ways to increase our brand awareness. We got the coasters because we are a restoration company and on the coasters as our tagline, we had our logo and wrote underneath it “Keeping more than just your desk dry.” Pretty clever, huh?

Stacie from Wichita, # 1822-SQ, High-Density Pulpboard Coaster – 4″ Sq

We bought reusable totes for our body shop for our customers to get the things out of their car and have something nice to hold them in.

Janell with Barsotti’s Body and Fender, # 101326-1513, Big Thunder Tote – 15″ x 13″

For National Library Week, we held a grab bag drawing as a fun and interactive way to celebrate. Patrons drew a pencil from a tote bag and the color on the bottom of the pencil indicated their prize. The top prize was a customized tote they could use for carrying books and materials home from the library!

Maggie with Joliet Public Library, # 6251, Two-Tone Accent Gusseted Tote Bag

I am starting a new veterinary clinic and still looking for a building so won’t be in business for several months. I ordered pens to put in goodie bags for a humane society fundraiser. I have also given the pens out and left them at other businesses. The pens have my website address and I am spreading the word about a brand new business that’s coming soon. My goal is to make people aware of my business before I even open the doors.

Dr. Ellen with Loving Paws Pet Clinic, # 103789, Wolverine Pen


We created logo-imprinted pens for our business. Nearly every customer that comes in uses a pen in our line of business, and they often leave with a pen in their hand. This not only helps our customer’s have our contact information on hand, it helps spread our name when they are accidentally left behind. People like the way our pens write so well, some customers grab a new one about once a month.

Anonymous, # 9764, Mardi Gras Pen


Booth Buzz

Promotional products might just be the best thing ever when it comes to making sure your booth is the one they visit. Here are some ways to make sure there is a well-worn path right to your booth.


This product, the Citrus Peeler, is a bright, useful item that I found “apeeled” to men and women. It also has a tie-in to “health” which worked great at the Health Fair!

Patti with Grossnickle Eye Center, Inc., # 117766, Citrus Peeler

We want to make sure every attendee receives OUR bag before any other exhibitor’s bag. Because of the quality of the bag every year, attendees are eager to receive another (or 2 or 3!) each year. We position representatives around the main entrance and put a bag in virtually every hand as attendees walk in. This allows us to have our bags “walking” the show for two solid days. We even see attendees putting other, lower quality bags inside of ours. If an attendee already has a bag, we offer an instant “bag upgrade”!

Rob with RacePro Motorsports, # 5938-1216, Celebration Shopping Tote Bag – 12″ x 16″


We used our USB power banks as a giveaway for a trade show we had. Participants had to show us our product media saved on their mobile devices for the opportunity to take home a power bank. Not only did they just have a power bank that they were excited to use, but since our name was on it, they could remember to keep us and our products in mind as they traveled.

Anonymous, # 117753, Cell Phone Power Bank – 2200 mAh

When traveling to professional recruitment events, you have to be economical in how you pack and what you take. This table runner gives us great visibility and is easy for one person to handle. We will also take a disposable white table covering along “just in case” there is none available so that any bare table space is covered, and it also helps our navy blue table runner “pop!”

Cathy with Penn State College of Nursing, # 5962, Table Runner – 29″


I was invited to set up at an apartment complex and speak to tenants who walked through the office building about their renters and car insurance. I brought banners and promotional material as well as the pens that I ordered here to use as a give away that is useful to the customer so that hopefully they will keep it longer than a business card that they may just throw away.

Daniel with Farmers, # 6551, Javelin Pen


The Carrot

Increase participation, improve registration rates and maybe even generate additional revenue. If you’re looking for that ‘carrot,’ look for promotional products.


We used this as a giveaway if they sign up for our clinic’s pet wellness plans. It increased sales when people saw how cute they are and functionality they have to offer. It has been a great hit, so far, with our clients and their pets.

Tiffany with Town & Country Vet Clinic, # 119192-PUP, Paws and Claws Lunch Bag – Puppy

I gifted some of my best customers and lead generators at the MFG level with my beverage tumblers right after the first of the year for a season kickoff. Figured everybody does holiday gifts…mine would be remembered most as it came after the typical time and just after they got back first of year.

Michael with Bellon Sales / Direct Distribution Division, # 110435, Montara Travel Tumbler – 16 oz.

We hosted a seminar for our community about Workman’s Compensation, as a staffing agency, this plays a major role in what we assist with and the services that we provide (including payroll, workman’s comp, drug screening, etc.). We ordered Folders for all the necessary material and we received major feedback! The folders were great quality and we hope they will be used by the attendees so our business name can be seen again and again.

Becky with Atlas Edge Staffing, # 105425, Vinyl Padboard Folder

We use the 4GB flash drives for sales meetings loaded with job specific documents and product videos that we leave with our prospects to review after the meeting. Giving flash drives instead of printing hundreds of papers that will be throw out saves time and a small tree.

Sara with Kaufman Engineered Systems, # 112703-4G, Swing USB Drive – 4GB

We use the 4GB flash drives for sales meetings loaded with job specific documents and product videos that we leave with our prospects to review after the meeting. Giving flash drives instead of printing hundreds of papers that will be throw out saves time and a small tree.

Suzanne with Mothers Cupboard Spice Shoppe, # 12945, Wooden Nickels

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