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Build Your Brand

From small business to big business, university to nonprofit, the name of the game is to make sure people know who you are and what you’re about.  Promotional products work when it comes to building your brand.

“These bright and handy magnets were a great alternative to handing out sugary candy at a farmers market we were attending.” —Jen from Herbert, C9282  Magnet Memo Clip

“Jackets were sold to guide leaders as well as girls. It was done to celebrate an annual event as well as to create awareness in our community. Huge hit with all!!!” —Barbara from Dartmouth, C121147 Coal Harbour Everyday Fleece Jacket

“We work with families that have young children. We distribute the crayons at community presentations and booths as a marketing tool.”—Sharri from Windsor, C9214 Crayon 4-Pack

“We wanted to provide our customers with a quality bag with their purchases that they would likely re-use and be reminded of our company.  It also promotes all of our contact information.  Clients are always pleasantly surprised and pleased that we give out such attractive and re-usable bags.” —Trudy from Gatineau, C104615 Mini Non-Woven Tote

“We set up a water refill station at a charity golf tournament at the 13th hole. By the time golfers got to us they were grateful for the refill and we offered our fancy branded water bottles and handed them each a marker to write their names. Everyone loved it!” —Anonymous, C110608 ID Sport Bottle with Push Pull Cap

“We are a new company and needed an effective promotional product to send to new and potential clients.” —Philip from Kingston, C108718 Accent Sticky Flag Booklet

“This was used as a door to door information card which was printed with our business specific info on the front of the card.  It was well received.” —Margaret from Stony Plain, C123969 Seeded Paper Mini Mailer

“Our bags are more for advertising and keeping the public library in people’s minds as our patrons use them not only for books but other shopping too.” —Sylvia from Foam Lake, C103375 Carry All Tote Bag

“These key drives were used for advertising our hospitals to potential recruits. People loved the take away and the key drive was easily recognizable with our logo!” —Anonymous, C111667 Swinging USB Drive

“We gave everyone a coffee mug with our high school crest printed on it. This was a memento that they attended the reunion.” —Anonymous, C113084 Value Ceramic Mug – 11 oz.

Booth Buzz

Promotional products might just be the best thing ever when it comes to making sure your booth is the one they visit.  Here are some ways to make sure there is a well-worn path right to your booth.

“This product expanded the merchandise options we provide to our students.  This durable product is great for taking to conferences and trade with other universities.” —Anonymous, C120664 New Era® Pom Pom Toque

“This is the annual conference for the promotion of inclusive education for all students in BC. The items purchased help spread our logo and who we are and what we do for students with special needs in our province. Teachers always appreciate free items.” —Carol from Salmon Arm, C107707 Fun Tote

“We use the pens to give away at lunch and learns that we do and at trade shows that we exhibit at.” —Anonymous, C104212 Wolverine Pen

“We use our table runner to display our agency logo and to create conversation about who we are and what services we provide when we are out at events.” —Shelly from Simcoe, C9544 Table Runner

“We used these items at a national show held in Montreal. I think the water bottles were a huge hit! The graphics were great, and it was so easy to order and get into production.” —Hanna from Ottawa, C110608 Value Sport Bottle with Push Pull Cap – 20 oz.

“We were able to use the various products we purchased at numerous health fairs.  These items used as giveaways really drew people to our table and were great conversation starters!” —Anonymous, C125876 Round Aqua Pearls Hot/Cold Pack

“We used a key tag imprinted with information to be attached to a USB with information that was handed out at a meeting.  It was quite well received.” —Anonymous, C114999 Sof-Color Key Tag

“We gave them as giveaways at a conference.  Pens are always useful and even more so when they are stylus ones.” —Crystal from EDM, C108695-ST Javelin Stylus Pen

For Your Cause

Whether the mission is a nonprofit, school store or fundraising, if you need money, promotional products work.

“We ordered these hats as a Thank You give away for our golfers for our charity golf tournament and were delighted with them. They were good quality and well embroidered.” —Donna from Scarborough, C107686-E Elite Cap

“My client was one of many sponsors of an adventure race in our region. Rather than duplicate the giveaways of others, I nudged my client to cinch backpacks, which allowed all the sponsor items to be in one easy to access and easy to carry item – happy client, happy race organizer who had a seamless solution.” —Anonymous, C7687 Polypropylene Drawstring Sportpack

“We are a not for profit organization, these little favors got tucked away in over 100 purses at our last event! Our objective is to get word out there regarding our services to women & this product was just a perfect treat after an inspiring dinner for International Women’s Day!” —Noreen from Labrador City, C120336 Double Stack Lip Moisturizer with Peppermints

“We use the sunglasses at our sponsored events for kids.  We sponsor a free swim at our local swimming pool and host a summer fun evening for youth where we gave away the sunglasses and they were a hit!” —Melissa from Porcupine Plain, C107694 Sunglasses

“I am a small non-profit organization, so finding a great, inexpensive item to raise awareness of my fatherhood organization is a huge benefit. I keep a pile of the flying discs in my trunk and give them out to fathers when they are with their kids. They almost always go online to check out my organization that day!” —Brad from Barrie, C109231 Fun Flyer

“As a church group, we will be using the mugs to raise funds for PWRDF projects.” —Martina from Ashcroft, C110122 Challenger Mug

“We use the cocktail napkins to add a level of sophistication to our school events. They are brought out for galas, parent evenings, fundraisers and alumnae events.” —Marilyn from Montreal, C119969 Colourware Beverage Napkins

“Whitehorse Motors purchased the totes for our local food bank to use in their biannual food drives. They are stronger and easier to use than the double paper bags they used before, and of course reusable. They are better for our environment and also help support our community. Our logo on them also spreads awareness of our community support.” —Tina from Whitehorse, C108714 Jumbo Grocery Tote

Saying Thank You

Here are creative ways to say thanks to volunteers, applaud hard workers for a job well done or recognize an anniversary.

“We bought inscribed portable power banks to give to our employees, who are often on the road.  They loved them—and are finding them very useful.” —Anonymous, C133529 Portable Power Bank

“Yearly we celebrate our safety achievements.  Our company gave the sweatshirts as a thank you to employees for working safely and always putting safety first at our location.” —Anonymous, C120668-HD Pro Fleece Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

“Needed to identify volunteers. Unsolicited comments from non-volunteers were very positive re: ease of identifying without being flashy.” —Bette from Sudbury, C118871 Lanyard with Metal Lobster Clip

“Cambridge Canada Day utilizes over 100 Volunteers each year to make our event successful. The items I order each year are always very well received and I always get very positive feedback from my volunteers. I strongly believe these gifts are part of the reason so many of my volunteers come back year after year. Thank You!” —Ryan from Cambridge, C101958 Sticky Book

“We gave out to local doctors to thank them for their support over the years, also will use for clients when they are discharged from our clinic.” —Anonymous, C112144 Double Wall Tumbler with Straw

“I purchased the blanket as a “thank you” gift for people in our community who volunteer their time and talent by making a presentation or workshop on a variety of subjects.  It is an excellent gift because it can be given to both male or female presenters.” —Carol from Alexandria, C109674 Fold-Up Blanket Bag

“We wanted to send a small token of appreciation to our clients for doing business with us throughout the year. These small calendars were a hit, as they don’t use a lot of space on the desks; our clients loved them.” —Anonymous, C129652 Mini Double View Desk Calendar

“We give nurses appreciation certificates and we like to put a unique seal on the certificate for each year.  They add a yearly sticker to their original certificate.” —Anonymous, C117640 Stickers by the Roll

“Our committee used the product to thank the speakers and vendors at the event.  This little token of appreciation went a long way! They were touched by the gesture, and the product was beautiful, too.” —Evelyn from Dieppe, C132239 Fuse Tech Tablet Case

“Each year we hold a dinner or lunch to thank our volunteers. We are a non-profit community center. This year we gave the “Spooner Mug”. We added a variety of tea bags with honey sticks and wrapped the mugs with cellophane and ribbons to create a more festive appearance.” —Lori from  Toronto, C100867 Spooner Mug

Spreading The Word

Help spread the word about your special campaign—from a simple community reminder to public safety.

“We used the item to promote gardening in the community. Extremely durable and well made. Heavy canvas. Tools are nice too!” —Amanda from Timmins, C6575 Garden Tool Bag Kit

“As a pediatrician I’m always looking for fun ways to get kids more active. Giving out free frisbees absolutely fit the bill—the kids loved them and just thought it was a reward—they didn’t feel like we were lecturing them to change their behaviour.” —Christina from St Johns, C109231 Fun Flyer

“We are non for profit organization which provides early literacy material to newborn babies.  All the materials are given away inside a book bag.” —Anonymous, C930 Cotton Promotional Tote

“Launched our new website in English and French and placed announcement cards within holder and distributed to all company employees worldwide.” —Renee from Toronto, C127232 Orbit Phone Stand Cleaner Combo Key Tag

“We issued the bottles to help reduce plastic recycling and paper cup use.  We reduced 7500 paper cup use in the 1st month alone!” —Anonymous, C121429 Tritan Comfort Grip Bottle

“We used the different colored lanyards to help identify people trained in first aid, visitors, and Joint Health and Occupational Safety Committee members.” —Lisa from Charlottetown, C111233 Hang in There Lanyard

“This year on National Grandparents Day we rented a movie theatre and hosted a free movie, popcorn and pop for the seniors of our local community. As each guest exited the event they were gifted a reusable tote bag filled with coupons for senior services and goodies from community partners. Everyone was so grateful and happy as they left the building with their totes in hand.” —Jennifer from Surrey, C107908 Reusable Grocery Bag

“We are celebrating the 50th year of incorporation for our municipal village and we held a dinner for present and previous Mayors and Councillors and families and gave everyone a mug with an aerial shot of our downtown area and the new village logo.” —Sandra from Petitcodiac, C112411 White Mug with Full Colour Process

Team Unity

If you’re looking to outfit your team with a unified look, trying to build morale, or you want to create walking billboards, promotional products get the job done.

“These were for a community soccer team.  Last season we ordered team hoodies and this season we ordered shorts.  Staff from the association were so impressed with the look they asked where we got them and are now looking to offer the community teams branded gear.”  —Roxanne from Edmonton, C128496 All Sport Performance Short

“The bags were given out to all of the players competing in the Baseball BC Provincial Championships for the divisions of U13 & U15 AA.” —Melissa from Maple Ridge, C109257 Harmony Sportpack

“June is Safety Month at our company.  I used the water bottles to give to the team members after a small Power Point presentation.” —Todd from Cambridge, C114427 Jogger Sport Bottle

“We gift each new student at our school each year with a locker mirror.  The mirrors are imprinted to reflect our school.  The students love them and this has now become a tradition.” —Linda from Toronto, C120303 Locker Mirror

“Our volunteers carry these messenger bags while on duty in the zoo. It really helps identify them while being a practical part of the uniform.” —Shaun from Winnipeg, C106131 Off Roader Travel Bag

“These products are used as welcome gifts to our new grade 7 students as the enrollment process begins each spring.  It helps to make them feel part of their new Junior High School.” —Tracy from Okotoks, C982 Bic Pencil

The Carrot

Increase participation, improve registration rates and maybe even generate additional revenue.  When you’re looking for that ‘carrot,’ look for promotional products.

“We added our school hashtag to these cups and used them for lemonade sales at our school.  The kids were CRAZY about them.  I thought I had ordered enough of them to get through the year but I am going to have to order more!!!” —Stacey from Red Deer, C111615 Mood Stadium Cup with Straw

“We give the passport holders to students that have finished their pilots course.” —Anonymous, C101392 Colourplay Leather Passport Wallet

“We use these wallets for each member as a thank you gift for purchasing our membership. Each wallet is full of all our company’s goodies for them to enjoy and use throughout the year.” —Anonymous, C118266 Fabrizio Travel Organizer

“Patients can earn rewards and we use these items as prizes!” —Rachel from Winnipeg, C131331 Salon Nail File

“We put together a themed and matching coloured giveaway kit which was displayed at our retail locations as incentive to make a purchase for bonus draw tickets.  The event is still ongoing at the time of this review, but we are pleased with the result!” —Anonymous, C129692 BBQ Set in Aluminum Case

“By putting our company information on a backpack it allows us to package items as a combo unit.  This helps us increase sales at construction sites because everyone needs safety gear.” —Mark from Windsor, C111659 Vista Sportpack

“We organized a community clean day and this is a reward for people who came to help, and it was a success. We will do it again and again.” —Tim from Burnaby, C123894 Gildan® Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

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