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| Updated: September 22, 2022


Promotional Products Work – 1st Edition

4imprint customers share how they use promotional products to generate buzz, increase traffic, show appreciation or otherwise make marketing magic.  

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I am constantly amazed by the creativity and marketing savvy of our customers.  

In working with them and our folks for the 20+ years
I’ve been with 4imprint, you’d think that I’d have seen every possible use for an imprinted pen, bag, cup or embroidered polo. But every time I read through their comments and reviews, answer their emails or chat on the phone I learn something new. It might be a new way to bring in new clients or a new way to thank volunteers. It might be a clever way to pair a promotional product with a product of their own or a program they’re launching. Their enthusiasm, creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit is inspirational and thought provoking.  

In fact, that’s how this book came to be.  

Their stories got us thinking about creative ways we
could capture and share their ideas with others. So, we began asking our customers, as part of our post-order satisfaction survey, to share with you their ideas and ways they’ve used the promotional items they’ve ordered – with their permission of course!  

The first result from this project is this book. We hope it provides you with creative fuel – that it sparks some new ideas that help you succeed.  

Thank you to all of those customers who have helped make this first book possible. Your generosity and willingness to share with others is sincerely appreciated!  


Kevin Lyons-Tarr
4imprint, Inc.  


Table of Contents

  • Build your brand 
  • For your cause 
  • The carrot 
  • Spreading the word 
  • Team unity 
  • Saying thank you 
  • Booth buzz 

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We were looking for a way to save some money and make the team members feel better about keeping their shirts cleaner. We were using white and that is tough to keep clean in our type of business, so 4imprint had a great color that fit what we were looking for to hide dirt a bit and stay newer and cleaner for longer for a better impression on our clients.  

Randy with Roof Doctor, #104994, Soft Touch Pique Sport Shirt  

Page 3 


We used the Koozie Koolers at golf outings as a way to get our name out to specific groups within our community that would benefit from our business. 

Andraea with Roller Reprographics, #104994, Soft Touch Pique Sport Shirt  

Page 4  


We created a magnet for family refrigerators which outlines some key dates throughout the school year. We include our logo and important phone numbers to know. Each family is mailed a magnet in the mid-summer.  

Joy with Central Methodist University, #111306-46, Billboard Magnet – 4″ x 6″  

Page 5 


We order a lot of products from 4imprint, and we try to order things that will stay on people’s desks – things they will use often like stress balls, media loungers, keyboard/screen cleaners, pens, post-its, etc. This allows us to stay in the forefront of our clients’ minds should they ever need a service we offer. The products are always a big hit and Rhonda, our account manager, is wonderfully patient and helpful. 🙂 Thanks 4imprint!  

Molly with MAS Medical Staffing, #81029-50, Post-it Notes 

Page 6 


These We are a law firm and we use our items as a way to get our “name” out there. We want to be the first person people think of when they need help. So we hope by passing out little items — it will help do just that!  

Anonymous, #7702, Curvy Pen 

Page 7 


Our firm was asked to contribute a small item for the client’s fundraising golf outing
“goodies bag.” The fold up flyers were ideal in size as it was folded. It popped open in a big way and golfers were delighted to not only use it as “frisbees” but also as a hand fan. Our firm’s name was promoted very well.  

James with SYDESIGN, #5975, Fold Up Flyer  

Page 8 


These I’ve just opened a dog boarding facility and needed an inexpensive USEFUL promotional gift. I give the grocery totes to my new customers when they come to visit my facility. I suggest that they bring their pets “stuff” with them in the bag when they come. And, of course, mine goes to the grocery store with me on each trip.  

Kelly with Doggone For The Weekend, LLC, #101326, Big Thunder Tote  

Page 9 


We run a mentoring program for first-generation college students at our community college. We ordered imprinted pens, shirts, and backpacks with our program’s logo for our Mentees and to use as giveaway items for recruitment and marketing. These items really helped to spread the word about the program throughout the college in a functional way for our students!  

Lise with Roxbury Community College, #6551, Javelin Pen  

Page 10 


In the lobby of our little custom cake shop, we noticed our pens were always “walking away” with the customers. We figured we might as well encourage it and send them home with a little reminder to come back and see us! Our customers think the pens are so cute, and I love knowing folks are carrying around a little something with our brand!  

Melodie with Sugarlips Cakery, #8549-B, Value Stick Pen – Brights  

Page 11 


Our goal is to keep our company’s name on the mind of all our customers – so when they need something they think of us first! 

Becky from Kernersville, NC, #318, Budgeteer Pencil 

Page 12 


We ordered the flyers to promote our local business owners and get our community to “Think Local” for their shopping options instead of leaving town. We used the flyers as throw- outs during local parades, autograph items for our Riverfest event and will use them during our town’s High School Football Homecoming festivities.  

Dena with Ellis Chamber of Commerce, #5975, Fold Up Flyer  

Page 13 


We put together a gift bag to give to our new patients. Only costs a few dollars and patients love them. Use a bag that’s not too big so the content doesn’t look tiny in comparison. We include an ink pen, sports bottle, sports bag along with literature for our office services.  

Lisa with Coastal Radiology Associates, #7702 – TB, Curvy Pen – Trans Brights   

Page 14 


We used the balloons for a street fair that we were participating in. It was fantastic to be able to look up and down the street and see our logo floating above the sea of people as they walked up and down the street with our balloons. Kids were coming to us looking for the balloons and parents stopped to see the information we had. It was great!!  

Anonymous, #16053, Balloon – 11″ Crystal Colors  

Page 15 


I am opening a preschool and will use the bags for the children to take home or put extra clothes in to leave at school. Children always love to have something of their own and now they will have their own bag to tote around.  

Kelly with Building Blocks Preschool, Inc., #110264, Slope Zip Sportpack  

Page 16 


We created cards in the shape of the cups that have our worship times, Bible study meeting times and free lunch information. Since the cups were transparent, the logo for our college ministry showed through along with the church’s logo and contact information that was printed on the cup. Looked really good and the cup is something the college students will use and keep on their desk.  

Steve with Oakmont Baptist Church, #105869, Spirit Tumbler  

Page 17 


Our non-profit agency recently began offering services in a new geographical area and are marketing to a new demographic. These giveaways are a cost-effective way to build brand awareness.  

Beth from Windsor, CT, #7919, Custom Silicone Bracelet 

Page 18 


We use the pens as giveaways for recruiting events for the university. 

Gil with NSU College of Nursing, #110985, Singapore Pen 

Page 19 


We have a rental property in Vieques Puerto Rico and we give the stadium cups to the guests to use around the pool rather than breakable glass. They also take them to the beaches rather than glass or paper cups which could get broken or left on the beach. Because the cups are attractive and reusable, they are taken home and maintain advertisement value.  

Ray with Villa Uno Vieques, #85026, Stadium Cup  

Page 20 


We use the pens at the store and have them at the checkouts where customers are free to take one when they need a writing utensil.  

Anonymous, #8549, Value Stick Pen  

Page 21 


We are a bank. Most banks have pens on a chain. We decided that we wanted to put pens in our lobby for our customers to take. We are giving out thousands of pens. We see them all over the state of Vermont and more. Great PR.  

Cathy with National Bank of Middlebury, #39152, Bic® Clic Stic TM Pen   

Page 22 


Gave away the sports bottles at a Fishing Tournament hosted by our sponsor company to bring awareness to the credit union. Filled the bottles with other 4imprint giveaways and our quarterly newsletter. Big hit!  

Phyllis with Degussa Employees Federal Credit Union, #103840, Poly-Pure Lite Bottle  

Page 23 


We use custom imprinted binders to give to our new incoming students.  

Tony with Santa Monica College EOPS, #582, Chandler Vinyl Ring Binder  

Page 24 


I’m a small press author so the name recognition and branding myself is very important since I’m competing with best selling authors. Since I write contemporary cowboys, and about bullriders, I used items from 4imprint as reader giveaways, and on them I put by tagline Let’s Buck, a western image and my website address. 

Cat with Cat Johnson, #2375, Bic Sticky Note 3” x 4” 

Page 25 


We used the beach balls as a giveaway at the kick off to summer parade in our town. We had a huge trailer full of inflated beach balls and the crowds went crazy for them. It was super fun and hopefully our name (logo) will be ‘floating’ around all summer long.  

Barbara from White Bear Lake, MN, #103090, Luster Tone Beach Ball  

Page 26 


We teach nutrition to adults and school children and use our marketing products as giveaways. We love to see the recipients’ faces when they receive a “free” gift with our name on it! It also helps us to spread the word about our program. Great marketing tools for us!  

Anonymous, #5975, Fold Up Flyer  

Page 27 


We are opening a new club and wanted to hand out something with our name on it to the children during a community event to get the word out. The frisbees we ordered were a huge hit with the kids and the parents during the Memorial Day event.  

Anna with Boys & Girls Clubs of Henderson, #653, Sport Flyer  

Page 28 


I am and have been a 24 hour mobile notary in and for the state of Ohio for over thirty years, so I am already established when it comes to people knowing who I am and where I’m at, but it always gets me new customers when I give someone one of my pens with a few (4) of my cards for them to pass out to other people for me. I use a good quality writing ink pen that’s very affordable and my business cards stand out above the rest because I use high glossy premium business cards that I put my state seal on each and every one of them and that gives them a very expensive and professional look and feel. So I spend a little more on my giveaway items than most people do, but it’s well worth it.  

Terry with 24 Hour Mobile Notary Public, #8808, Element Pen  

Page 29 


We ordered pens with our company name and website on it to assist people with knowing where they can go to access our services. So far, it has been helpful and people seem to be enjoying the pens.  

Anonymous, #6551, Javelin Pen  

Page 30 


I attached $25 coupons to each spatula that read “Thanks for helping us SPREAD the word!” to give out at a Women’s Networking group. Everyone loved the spatulas and even asked for extras for their friends and family. Now everyone has our name and number in a drawer in their kitchen. We know who they will call the next time their sink is overflowing!  

Emily with Mr. Rooter Plumbing, #7215, Indispensable Kitchen Spatula   

Page 31 


We are a Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center for Coffey County, Kansas. We receive an overwhelming request for our “Chamber Bags.” Our Chamber Bags consists of visitor information about our County, as well as promotional items from our Chamber Member Business. We receive, pens, koozies, whistles, sunglasses, letter openers, etc. Everyone loves free goodies, so our bags are very popular at our local events such as car shows, fun runs, golf tournaments, etc. They are a great way for our Chamber Member businesses to advertise.  

Jennifer with Coffey County Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center, #110041, Take Home Bag 

Page 32 


I always supply pens to my customers who come into my office. We like to have quality pens for a reasonable price because most customers help themselves to more than just one. We feel having nice quality pens reflects the quality of our business. Also, people will use a quality pen so it always keeps my name in front of them. They will use that pen at all times and possibly in front of others which might bring up a conversation about insurance and me being their agent. It’s simple subliminal advertising. I often will give out pens in lieu of a business card. I know they will keep the pen whereas they might lose the business card.  

Dodie from Delphos, OH, #107616-W-CL, Liberty Pen  

Page 33 


Family Connections adopted a youth baseball team for the Fall and used the sports bottles as a giveaway to all the families participating in the private baseball league. It was a great way to get our company name out there to families with children. A perfect market for the services Family Connections offers! We even stuffed the bottles with coupons for some of our classes and groups, which doubled the promotional impact.  

Kimberly with Family Connections, #9990, Comfort Grip Sport Bottle  

Page 34 


We are a pharmacy and we keep the pens by the register and intake desks for customers to sign papers, etc. They often ask if they can have them as the pens are nice in the hand and on the paper. Hopefully, it will help them remember us and to tell their friends about our services.  

Susan with Medicine Shoppe, #9630, Krypton Pen  

Page 35 


String backpacks were our giveaway for our summer camp program. Much better than t-shirts – no size issues!  

Anonymous, #6188, Nylon Drawstring Sportpack   

Page 36 


We use fresh basil in our restaurant’s turkey flatbread sandwich. We sent a promotional mailing out to all our VIPs with the basil stick, reminding them of the delicious flatbreads, and a fun offer for a buy one get one free on any of our entrees. Our VIPs love getting their coupons – it helps us let them know how much we value their business.  

Emmalee with Spearfish Canyon Lodge, #108438, Biodegradable Seed Stakes  

Page 37 


By spending a little extra on the quality of pens I give to customers, I can ensure they keep them around instead of pitching them in the trash. This keeps my name and number handy for them to call me when the need arises.  

Ronald from Greenville, SC, #8950, Chunky Pen  

Page 38 


We were trying to find a reliable writing product that could show that our company is modern and unique. We have started giving out these pens and so far the response has been great!! Our clients love these pens!!!  

Anonymous, #9764, Mardi Gras Pen  

Page 39 


We are selling these bottles at our concession store during our summer camp season. Campers buy a souvenir cup at the start of the week and receive free refills while they are here. Then they have a souvenir water bottle to take home to remember their week at camp.  

Renae from Waxahachie, TX, #103840, Poly-Pure Lite Bottle  

Page 40 


When I visit my corporate accounts I always bring a couple of mugs filled with chocolates. I try to always have extra to leave with the secretaries and the “gatekeepers.” It is amazing how a little mug filled with candy can open doors!  

Mary Lee with Hampton Inn White River, #5087-S Hayworth Mug—10 oz.  

Page 41 


We ordered the 9″ translucent frisbee in our school colors. We utilized it as a giveaway at the Junior College World Series Baseball Tournament in Grand Junction, CO. Although we are a high school, we wanted kids to know about our program and tell their younger siblings and friends about it. We used the frisbees at the concession counter as a plate holder…just turn the frisbee upside down and put your paper plate on it! Then, after eating, attendees had a fun toy and a constant reminder of the GOAL Academy!  

Kristi with GOAL Academy, #28828, Sport Flyer  

Page 42 


I am a Passion Party consultant and I was spending so much money on pens and I would never get them back. So I decided to order pens for advertising and I didn’t mind if the party attendees kept them. I realized that people will possibly lose your business cards but they will always keep a pen handy. Thank you 4imprint!  

Glenda with Passion Parties by Glenda, #8549, Value Stick Pen  

Page 43 


Our church was doing a community outreach program and we wanted the people coming onto our campus to easily be able to recognize who could assist them. The t-shirts welcomed people by stating, ‘Redwood Chapel Welcomes You.’ 

Diane with Redwood Chapel, #32140, Hanes® Tagless Beefy-T   

Page 44 


I organized a group of women who come together and share ideas and support each other all while providing community service to help others in need. These shirts serve as our uniform so that when we are out serving others, we can be seen as a team of willing workers.  

Johnna from Lansing, IL, #107816, Blue Generation® Egyptian Cotton Pique Polo 

Page 45 


I am a recruiter and am always looking for the right employee. I work career expos at colleges and the Mobile Pouch #108087 is perfect for college students. I have my pouches at the gym, sports events, and even the mall. What better way to advertise employment opportunities but on the front of the pouches. I have mobile advertising units all over town and on college campuses. It keeps our employment opportunities in the front of a large population.  

Rosie with City of Wichita Falls, #108087, Mobile Pouch  

Page 46 


We give promotional items to existing customers to help increase our customer retention rate and decrease customer attrition. Our repeat customers carry our keychains and pens with them. When they have (unfortunately) car accidents, they actually pull out the pens/keychains and call us on the accident scene.  

Debbie with Clinton Collision Services, #109141, Aspire Pen  

Page 47 


We’re musicians who’d like to build our fan base. We thought of giving sticky notes with our name and slogan in exchange for signing our fan book and giving an email address. Our slogan is very light in the middle of the sticky note (In every life there is a story, in every story there is a song). 4imprint suggested that to us, and we’re delighted with the results. It’s a very personal touch—more than just our name. Thank you so much for your help!  

Kate with Danaher and Cloud, #5667, Bic® Sticky NoteTM 3″ x 21⁄2″  

Page 48 


I teach Martial Arts and specialize in Ladies Self Defense. That program is SARA – TAP (Surrounding Awareness – Risk Avoidance….Tactical Aerobics Program). When the student completes the 2 hr. Workshop they get the Translucent Red Key Tag. Most have it on their key ring…some on their purse handle. It is also a great way of recovering a lost set of keys. It acts as a reminder of the training received. It also serves as an identifier for me to recognize a student when I’m out shopping or in a restaurant, etc…..I now have the opportunity to interact with the customer again. We both win.  

Jim with KIKK Trainers, #39212-HT, Heart Soft Key Tag  

Page 49 


At I used these little bags for my quick makeup orders. They are a great size and make a nice package for my customers. The fact that they are biodegradable makes it a plus for my green image with customers.  

Marjorie with Face Designs Cosmetics by Suggie, #102997, Oxo-Biodegradable Die Cut Bag  

Page 50 


We had the name and contact information of our church printed on pens and pencils, printed in the denomination colors along with the denomination logo. We have made these available for our members to take and give away within the community. We want to be available for that one person who may be contemplating going to church to perhaps look down and see the name of a congregation that would welcome their visit.  

Anonymous, #8550, Value Click Pen  

Page 51 


We are a summer league swim team that includes kids from 5-18 years old. We have been looking for a substitute for the participation trophy we give out annually to every kid on the team. The older kids do not care for the trophies—they have plenty of “stuff” but they really like their shoulder bags with the team imprint. The little kids still like their trophy. Next year maybe we will give the older kids water bottles. Something different every year and something they can use after the season has ended.  

Anonymous, #110968, Teardrop Slingpack  

Page 52 


I wanted items that my customers would be likely to use on their trips that they would appreciate and also would advertise my business.  

Jennifer with GalaxSea Cruises and Tours of Huntington, #9390, Grip-it Luggage Identifier  

Page 53 


Our neighborhood association sells neighborhood pride items such as t-shirts, hats, and now this bottle. We sell the items so that users will identify with a sense of place and also to raise funds for our activities. Even though this item was more expensive than some water bottles, its quality and design allowed us to sell it at a decent profit without price resistance.  

Katherine from Arlington, VA, #109492, Tritan Flip Top Sport Bottle—24oz.  

Page 54 


Real Dog Club is a nonprofit organization that raises money for non-kill animal shelters. The items are selling like hot cakes!!  

Kevin from West Pittston, PA, #1062-1713-F, Soft-Loop Frosted Shopper—17″ x 13″—Foil   

Page 55 


PTO is selling the bags to raise money for school projects and events.  

Anonymous, #101326-1513, Big Thunder Tote—15” x 13”  

Page 56 


We order foam liberty crowns every year and host a photo contest where people submit creative photos of themselves wearing the crowns. For each person/organization that submits, we donate money to the Lung Association and we select winners who receive prizes. It’s a tradition for our company, and a great way to bring people together while getting our name out there at the same time.  

Anonymous, #213513, Statue of Liberty Crown visor  

Page 57 


Our annual bicycle ride to raise money for AIDS guarantees 100% of the fundraising from individuals goes to help those in need. To keep to this guarantee we use products and sponsors like 4imprint to make that happen. Without the generosity of companies like 4imprint, we couldn’t keep to our promise and raise production funds. 

Glen, with the SMART Ride, #6915, Steel Tumbler with Color Trim 

Page 58 


We used the reusable totes to 1) give away to food pantry clients and 2) to sell in the community to raise funds for a new food pantry building.  

Anonymous, #101326-1513, Big Thunder Tote—15” x 13” 

Page 59 


We sold the lunch bags as a PTO fund raiser. The students and faculty liked the school logo imprinted on the bags. We also sold the Big Thunder tote with the matching logo.  

Anonymous, #109470, Square Non-Woven Lunch Bag 

Page 60 


We run a golf tournament each year to benefit a scholarship fund for future Park & Recreation Management students. It is always helpful to reward those donating with those little extras. It seems to help them open their pocketbooks at a silent auction when they feel like they’ve gotten more bang for their registration buck!  

Mary Jo from Southern Minnesota Recreation & Park Association, #8578, Economy Pocket Coolie  

Page 61 


We have the Holland Fest in our town and the tote bags will be given to people as they buy their lunch or food from our church. The money raised from the sale of the food will be used to help with members that are going on mission trips. The reason we ordered them was for not only to use to tote goodies home, but to save our landfills.  

Anonymous, #101326-1513, Big Thunder Tote—15″ x 13″  

Page 62 


We did our annual golf tournament fundraiser. And we used all of the items for the golfers goodie bags! They were very happy with all of the trinkets!  

Kimberly from Elgin, OK, #25001, Budget-Beater Golf Umbrella 

Page 63 


We are the fundraising part of a nonprofit youth group and we used the items that we purchased to sell to members of our group as a fundraiser for the group.  

Anonymous, #33010-A, 42″ Folding Umbrella with Auto Open – Alternating 

Page 64 


We will be giving the items away when folks scan the QR code on our catalog and then place an order on our website using the promo code.  

Lisa from Breinigsville, PA, #103308, Neoprene Portable Electronics Case  

Page 65 


We are giving the coffee cups to our interns staying with us for the summer and the “price” is to pass along their company’s Intern Coordinator or their boss’ name and address. We will in turn send them a coffee cup with information on our Summer Intern Center housing, so next year they’ll remember to recommend us to their interns.  

Laurie from UW Milwaukee Conference and Guest Housing, #105549-16, I Am Not a Paper Cup—16 oz.  

Page 66 


Students that participate in our walking program can earn incentives that we’ve ordered from you. We have everything from water bottles, to headphones, to back packs. The kids love it all and finding things to please high school students isn’t always easy.  

Sue from Milwaukee, WI, #106759, Ear Buds with Interchangeable Covers  

Page 67 


The water bottles were used as prizes for our employees who participated in a healthy lifestyle contest by incorporating exercise into their everyday lives. They were also donated to a fundraising golf tournament as part of gift bags to participants.  

Anonymous, #17001, Sport Bottle with Push Pull Cap—28 oz.  

Page 68 


Individual Recognition for participating in our voluntary safety program. 

Nichole from Southport, NC, #100384, Spooner Mug – 12 oz.  

Page 69 


Wellness Promotion. We used the pedometers to give to the employees who wanted to participate in a firm sponsored walking promotion. They login there steps to a online database. We give out small prizes after the 8 week walking promotion is over.  

Anonymous, #108421, Widescreen Walker Pedometer  

Page 70 


The Literacy Team at our elementary school wanted to promote and reward summer reading. Any child that reads over the summer and sends in 2 postcards will receive a drawstring backpack in September. We will know whether we achieved our goal when we return to school.  

Vicky from Lancaster, MA, #8832-1613, Reflective Stripe Sportpack—16″ x 13″  

Page 71 


To collect business cards from attendees at presentations. We started announcing a raffle
for a Stadium Blanket and instead of having people “forget” to bring cards, they are now going back to their desks to get a card so they can enter the contest!  

Janine from Dallas, TX, #105548, Outdoor Blanket  

Page 72 


We started a new program that was available through a grant, and we needed willing workers. However, the grant would not allow us to pay people; they had to volunteer. The products we ordered were used as incentives for volunteering.  

Anonymous, #5971-D, Executive Padfolio—Debossed  

Page 73 


We selected & designed a ‘hopefully’ enviable item. Gave them away to those who went a little beyond their duty with hopes of enticing others to do the same in the future.  

Anonymous, #6188, Nylon Drawstring Sportpack  

Page 74 


We send out semi-annual surveys twice a year and we like to have fun items to increase participation. As these surveys allow us to improve our support standards and methods, participation is very important. Customers have begun to associate our company with the fun and useful prizes they receive.  

Anonymous, #516, Trailer Truck Stress Reliever  

Page 75 


Working to educate the community on the environmental effects of pet waste we decided to use the Stop “Poo”ulltion—Scoop the Poop. This isn’t the easiest message and you wouldn’t want a water bottle with that message on it. The pet waste bag dispenser is a no brainer, but the FRISBEES were a great idea and a great hit! 4imprint was so helpful in helping get the message across to pet owners.  

Anonymous, #104811-T, #2 Bag Dispenser  

Page 76 


Our company’s Substance Abuse Program purchased the 27 oz. sports bottle with the objective of raising awareness about the alcohol content in common alcoholic beverages. We used the caption, “How much alcohol is in your favorite drink?” Then we inserted information cards with the alcohol content listed by drink name. Everyone loved them!  

Anonymous, #9990, Comfort Grip Sport Bottle—27 oz.  

Page 77 


As a non-profit agency assisting our community with child care, we work with a lot of other agencies and seek their client referrals. We gave post-it notes to all of our partner agencies to remind them of what we do and to provide immediate contact information. Stickers are promotional giveaways for training participants in our child care classes.  

Virginia from Honolulu, HI, #81030-25, Post-it® Notes 3″ x 4″— 25 Sheet 

Page 78 


We used the 3 x 4 post it for a neighborhood marketing campaign. Combined with a door hanger gift it worked wonderfully.  

Nicole with Shafer Services, #2375-25, Bic® Sticky NoteTM 3″ x 4″— 25 Sheet  

Page 79 


I distribute items through our children’s health program to encourage children and their families to eat healthy, drink water, and stay active.  

Phyllis from Ridgway, IL, #6188, Drawstring Sportpack  

Page 80 


Our nonprofit organization makes holiday gift bags for the homeless filled with socks, gloves, hats, toiletries, etc…we used paper gift bags the first two years and found they didn’t hold up well. Sometimes they broke or tore before we even got them out there. Last year, we decided to spend the extra money to order the laminated tote bags and they were just wonderful! Perfect size and waterproof. An added plus was the ability to add a logo to them (a gift tag of sorts) “With love, from Jonnie’s Angels.” We filled and distributed almost 300 gift bags last year and are hoping to do more this year!  

Donna with Jonnie’s Angels Foundation, #108578-1012, Raindance Laminated Tote Bag— 101⁄2″ x 121⁄2″   

Page 81 


Replacing current badge holders that were not as strong as current ones. The current ones have a swivel and keep breaking—making employees lose their badges. The 4imprint ones are more sturdy and there hasn’t been one lost badge yet 🙂  

Susie from Hauppauge, NY, #1095, Retractable Badge Holder— Alligator Clip 

Page 82 


These lanyards are for all of our Children’s Ministry Volunteers. They clearly identify the volunteers and we also attach a name tag to the lanyard. 

Kristi from Midland, MI, #6513, Economy Lanyard—1⁄2″   

Page 83 


We purchased the Pique Spirit polo shirts for our new uniforms and our employees look very sharp now! They are easily recognizable to our guests and look like a team.  

I also purchased 20 oz. spirit tumblers for staff recognition. Our staff really enjoyed them! They will be great this summer to keep them hydrated.  

Meghan from Grand Junction, CO, #110023, Whisper Pique 60/40 Blend Polo  

Page 84 


The items we ordered are used by Managers to recognize their staff on an immediate basis. We ordered a variety of items so the staff can pick and choose what is most valuable to them. They love it!  

Margaret from Ann Arbor, MI, #7509, Excel Sport Utility Tote 

Page 85 


We ordered shirts for our department and it’s amazing how this token of appreciation raised morale. I think it really made every person in the group feel valued to the company.  

Linda from St. Louis, MO, #107816, Blue Generation® Egyptian Cotton Pique Polo  

Page 86 


Nursing staff are required to wear badges while at work. We ordered a special badge holder that has our unit name and vision statement on it to promote team work and unit pride.  

Robin from Norfolk, VA, #1095, Retractable Badge Holder— Alligator Clip   

Page 87 


We ordered watches for our employees to celebrate one year with no lost time and note books and pens to take notes at our off site meeting.  

Anonymous, #111505-S, Business Card Notebook with Pen  

Page 88 


We ordered t-shirts for a Dragon Boat Race that we participate in as family and friends for a charity. This is our second year however our first year for t-shirts. They couldn’t have been more of a hit!! The sales staff, color, art department assistance, price and the ability to pick up the order all worked very well for us. I think they even contributed to us shaving 3 seconds off last years’ time! Thanks again! 

Anonymous, #6729-S, Hanes Tagless 6.1® oz. T-Shirt—Screen  

Page 89 


I purchased these shirts for all employees to wear at a public function. Attendees noticed immediately how professional we looked and complimented on quality. Some even asked where I had them done! I passed on your company info! Thanks!  

Anonymous, #6443-L, Ladies’ Jerzees® Spotshield Johnny Collar Shirt  

Page 90 


We are the parents group from a small catholic school, with a food sales booth at the city’s annual arts and crafts festival. Our hats (and economy aprons) were the “uniform” for all booth volunteers. Combination of goals. Food service hair restraint was #1. But team spirit, creating a perception to the public of being a much larger and coordinated group, volunteer thank you, and long-term use wearing hats around town to increase recognition were all additional benefits. We actually made these hats self-funding, too. Ordered 24 dozen and “gave away” just under 12 dozen to every volunteer during the 3-day festival. Now selling the remaining 144 to non-volunteers, additional family members, sports parents, etc. at a marked-up retail price that will allow us to pay for all 288 we originally ordered.  

Donald with Holy Redeemer School, #4893, Price-Buster Cotton Twill Cap  

Page 91 


We used the 6-pack cooler as a Summer Safety motivational item and packed it full with Summer items such as sunblock, insect repellent, sunglasses, and other great stuff! The employees loved it! It was such a big hit! Thanks 4imprint!! 

Maggie from Philadelphia, PA, #8616, 6-Pack Cooler 

Page 92 


We ordered very nice Reebok brand polos (in multiple colors), as well as navy blue T-shirts, for everyone in our office. The idea is everyone can wear them on casual Fridays as well as outside the office. Perhaps we will expand it to trade show apparel, depending on feedback from staff. Initial feedback is extremely positive, with staff greatly enjoying their shirts. When shirts arrived, employees who initially declined polos came over to pick from my supply of “extras” I ordered, and now 99% of our office has shirts to wear. Also the T-shirts were a hit, with some staff requesting 2 or 3 extras.  

Anonymous, #106840, Reebok® Play Dry Horizontal Texture Polo  

Page 93 


We are a manufacturing plant with many temporary and staffed employees. In the summertime it gets quite hot in our plant and we want to ensure everyone stays well hydrated. Also a thank you for a job well done.  

Anonymous, #9990, Comfort Grip Sport Bottle—27 oz.  

Page 94 


Our church gives a special gift to fathers on Father’s Day every year. This year we were looking for something useful, yet unique to give away during our morning service. We were browsing through one of the 4imprint catalogs and came across the shoeshine sponges. There it was! A useful, yet unique gift idea.  

Nelson with The King’s Way Baptist Church, #5766, Shoe Shiner   

Page 95 


We, Trio Sol de Mexico, play the best of the traditional and most recent Latin American music. In the Hispanic culture it is customary to bring a gift. We not only bring our beautiful music, we bring them a gift that will remind them of the group who made their celebration into a MEMORABLE FIESTA!!!! It works.  

Mario with Trio Sol de Mexico, #4104, White Mug with Full Color Process—11 oz.  

Page 96 


Was used as a end of the year gift for all those that had lived in the same dorm. At our university, dorm shirts are always a big hit, and these delivered just that! 

Kat with Willard Hall Council, #6729-S, Hanes Tagless 6.1 oz. T-Shirt – Screen  

Page 97 


I am a teacher at a very high economically disadvantaged student ratio school and gave the bags away as graduation “gifts” to ALL of my graduating students. It was my way of patting them on the back, instilling school pride, and encouraging them to further their education (in anticipation of their “next” graduation gift).  

Anonymous, #5218-P, Weekend Duffel—Polyester   

Page 98 


Wedding favors! Where there is country there are aluminum cans. We wanted something useful and to serve as a reminder of that “Special Day.” By personalizing with the names, date, and colors the guests will be reminded in bright green of the fun they had with us. These Koozies fold up nice and aren’t bulky.  

Candy from Carrollton, MO, #3568, Collapsible Koozie®   

Page 99 


Employee appreciation week – Baseball theme – different giveaway each day, popcorn, cracker jacks, SUNSCREEN & Hat.  

Karen with Panorama Orthopedics, #8786-T, Sun Care Kit   

Page 100 


We used the items to thank those who have participated in our activities and encourage them to continue to participate. The event following the promotional giveaway had a record number of participants.  

Rodney with West Hills Church of the Nazarene, #103873, Value Polypropylene Tote  

Page 101 


I gave screen printed magazine totes away as favors at our wedding. They were inexpensive and I wanted something our guests would actually use again.  

Elise from Groton, CT, #110965, Magazine Tote  

Page 102 


We give these to our drivers when they stop in to pick up supplies. They are perfect to put pens, log books, rulers and other items in. These small gifts go a long way and make our people feel appreciated.  

Vickie with Diversified Logistics LLC, #6257-S, Two-Tone Duffel Bag – Screen   

Page 103 


Each year our church throws an all-church “thank you” party in appreciation for all our volunteers. It has become the most popular social event of the year. This is our 9th year and we had an all-church picnic complete with a barbecue, swimming, games, water balloon launchers, softball game and horseshoes. Each year we give out a party favor. This year we gave out flyers (red ones with white lettering and our church logo) “Our Church Volunteers are Life Savers!” Everyone loved them!  

Luanne with St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, #6851, Zing Ring Flyer  

Page 104 


These tumblers will be given to donors who attend a football game in the skybox suite. Any left over after football season will be given to other donors as they visit campus. We know from past experience that these are highly-coveted prizes, making a great investment for very little cost.  

Jennie from Manhattan, KS, #105869-24, Spirit Tumbler—24 oz.  

Page 105 


We rely on volunteers to help us in the Admissions Office at our school. Everyone loved the way we said “thank you” with the gift.  

Cheri with Louisville Seminary, #111432-16-D, Dotty Color Scheme Spirit Tumbler—16 oz.   

Page 106 


Each year we host a retreat for advocates of victims and survivors of domestic violence. This item was just a giveaway item that we provided to our participants as a thank you for their hard work and service as they left our two day event.  

Tya from Wilmington, DE, #111975-CL, Vivacious Alarm Clock—Closeout  

Page 107 


We used the pen and pencil set as a 5 year service award to over 80 employees. We had the set personalized with each individual’s name and “Celebrating 5 years of Service”. They were beautiful and even came in a gift box. The presentation was great and everyone was impressed. 4imprint made this huge task seem easy! The communication throughout the process was excellent!  

Anonymous, #105103-SET, Vienna Pen and Pencil Set  

Page 108 


We wanted to provide our sales force with a nice bag for carrying supplies and other materials. They work incredibly hard and we wanted them to know they were appreciated above and beyond the normal acknowledgements. These bags helped us give another small nod to our incredible sales force!  

Meaghan from Princeton, NJ, #109582, Patina Tote   

Page 109 


Our local hospital organized a “Welcome Reception” for their new Resident doctors and Fellows, as well as their families. By being a part of this event, we were able to have a table set up with Summer Theatre school information, our upcoming Season Brochures, a scrolling digital picture frame, as well as a door-prize drawing for these families (from all over the country to boot!). We were able to inform them about what we have to offer here at Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble. Being a professional regional theatre, I felt it was necessary to be able to present ourselves in the most professional manner possible. We definitely accomplished that by using our new bright blue table throw. It was simple, elegant, and eye catching!  

Jada with Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble, #2213, Closed-Back Table Throw—8′  

Page 110 


We used the USB pen to download presentations at a seminar so people could take the information with them.  

Robyn from Potsdam, NY, #102945, ColorBright Pen USB Drive   

Page 111 


I buy promotional items to give away at health fairs. Most of my items serve an emergency preparedness purpose. I use the items to draw people in to my booth, and the item will help the person be prepared for emergencies.  

Anonymous, #109427, Norfolk Flashlight   

Page 112 


Our organization attends local safety fairs every year. I order disaster preparedness/first aid products from 4imprint to hand out to children. Getting our county logo and phone number on products is simple and effortless.  

Molly from Salem, OR, #7828, Bic® Magnet with Calendar and Lined Notes  

Page 113 


Our agency participated in a Back-To-School Fair to give school supplies to needy families. With your selection of products we were able to find the perfect items to give to each student and promote the services our agency provides to the community. The only problem was that we ran out of our items in just 21⁄2 hours! Everyone wanted what we were giving away! Thank you.  

Angela with West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services, #2245-T, Power Clip  

Page 114 


We had a vendor fair and for the first 50 registrants we gave away a portfolio.  

Anonymous, #85015-D, Zippered Vinyl Portfolio—Debossed  

Page 115 


We recently ordered items for our Wisconsin State Fair Booth—our first time at the State Fair, by the way. The items we ordered literally “flew” out of our booth. We had our “BBB Tips on a Stick” (fans) and when it was hot outside people wanted to find our booth to get our fans! The children loved the yo-yos and this came as a recommendation from one of the people on your customer service team. We gave away all of them and played a minute to win-it type game to receive the yo yo as a prize. Along with the giveaways, the BBB gave out pertinent information to consumers such as our “Top Ten Scams” and “What is the BBB?”. We wanted to be able to reach out to consumers so that they know where to turn to check out a company before they make a buying decision and to know more about the BBB of Wisconsin. We decided that giveaway items from 4imprint would be a very good way to get our name and website address out to the public. We believe we were successful and your items helped! Thank you 4imprint.  

Laurie with Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin, Inc., #4792, Classic Yo-Yo  

Page 116 


Bags are very popular at trade shows. Our goal was to have a giveaway bag that clients would want to use when they went to the grocery store. This bag is the size commonly sold by stores themselves and we hope our customers use ours for each grocery trip they make, especially when some stores give their customers credit for bringing their own bags.  

Anonymous, #101326-1513, Big Thunder Tote—15″ x 13″   

Page 117 


Having a professional table cover with our logo increases our visibility at conferences and local fairs and adds professionalism to our presentations. As a non-profit we are always looking for inexpensive ways to accomplish these goals.  

Anonymous, #2213, Closed-Back Table Throw—8′   

Page 118 


I give out pens to all the brides at local bridal shows. I have found that pens are a great way to spread the word. They change hands often, so you never know who will have a pen with your logo and message on it.  


Stephen with Tuxedos to You, #104028, Watson Pen   

Page 119 


Our company is a non-profit alcohol & drug treatment center. We were given the opportunity to receive a free booth at a county rodeo. We ordered balloons and the Mardi Gras pen to give away. Someone in my office asked why would I order balloons, here is why: Some people will not stop by our booth so I decided that we should give the children a balloon filled with helium therefore the adults were my captive audience while we blew up the balloons and tied them to the children’s arms, the adults expected our pen (which I used the clip on the pen to attach our folded brochure) and I shared our company information with them while tying the balloons to the children’s arms. It worked better than I imagined. After we closed our booth down we walked to the rodeo area, boy did I get a surprise and was totally amazed at all of our blue PathFinders balloons floating. It was a beautiful sight. I could not have planned it as well as it turned out. Balloons were everywhere you looked. We made children happy and educated the adults on our facility and treatments. It was a definite win, win. Thank you 4imprint!  

Kathy with PathFinders, #16053, Balloon   

Page 120 


We used the balloons for a street fair that we were participating in. It was fantastic to be able to look up and down the street and see our logo floating above the sea of people as they walked up and down the street with our balloons. Kids were coming to us looking for the balloons and parents stopped to see the information we had. It was great!! 


We run a golf tournament each year to benefit a scholarship fund for future Park & Recreation Management students. It is always helpful to reward those donating with those little extras. It seems to help them open their pocketbooks at a silent auction when they feel like they’ve gotten more bang for their registration buck! 

Mary Jo from Southern Minnesota Recreation & Park Association  

Students that participate in our walking program can earn incentives that we’ve ordered from you. We have everything from water bottles, to headphones, to back packs. The kids love it all and finding things to please high school students isn’t always easy.”  

Sue from Pulaski H.S.  

We used the 6-pack cooler as a Summer Safety motivational item and packed it full with Summer items such as sunblock, insect repellent, sunglasses, and other great stuff! The employees loved it! It was such a big hit! Thanks 4imprint!! 

Maggie from Philadelphia 

Each year we host a retreat for advocates of victims and survivors of domestic violence. This item was just a giveaway item that we provided to our participants as a thank you for their hard work and service as they left our two day event. 

Tya from Wilmington  

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