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| Updated: May 17, 2022


Build Your Brand

From small business to big business, university to non-profit, the name of the game is to make sure people know who you are and what you’re about. Promotional products work when it comes to building your brand.


Our field service engineers used this product when they went on client sites. It creates a professional image and establishes brand awareness.

Elana with APG-Neuros, # C114492, All Purpose Tool Bag


We held a Tourism Campbell River & Region promotional party and gave away the items as prizes for guests who entered through our spin & win wheel. Everyone loved the golf balls and wine tumblers. So nice to share products that people will use and enjoy!

Andrea with Campbell River Economic Development Corporation, # C125881, Lola Wine Tumbler – 8 oz


We sponsored a free concert in our town and we used the branded sports balls for promotion by tossing them out to people in the crowd.

Anonymous, # C121423-FB, Mini Sport Ball – Football


We are a community organization that focuses on farm safety. We run safety days for children at various locations and we use the pencils to put in take-home bags for each child. The pencils are fun for the kids but also keep our brand in the public eye.

Bonnie with Essex County Farm Safety, # C112858, Mood Pencil w/Black Eraser


By issuing branded t-shirts, blouses, hoodies, etc to the staff our name is prominent to our customers. When our delivery staff are out there in the community our name is seen by future customers as well. I have had phone calls from people who have seen the name and have subsequently opened accounts with us which leads to increased sales.

Paulette from Yellowknife, # C109305-M Soft Touch Pique Sport Shirt


We held an annual broker & sales conference and we wanted to give them something they could bring product to customers in versus plastic bags. The jute bag provided a fit with our philosophy of being as responsible and functional as possible.

Anonymous, # C108715, Jute Non-Woven Shopping Tote


We have a yearly literacy conference for daycare staff and provide each of the participants with a take home bag with info on the conference, 2 childrens books and a few other items that go along with the theme. This year we got our logo printed on the bags and then decided to purchase pens as well. We are very pleased with the services from 4imprint!!

Anonymous, # C108909, Non Woven Cut-Out Handle Bag


We used the tote bags as part of our free “care packages” for individuals who are living on their own for the first time. We put other goods inside the tote bags and the tote bags themselves serve as reusable grocery bags.

Anonymous, # C108714, Jumbo Grocery Tote


We used our items in a “swag bag” to help encourage awareness about one of our schools and what makes it unique and special. The items were part of a larger marketing campaign, incorporating a complete “look” and a new slogan.

Donna from Barrie, # C17651, Post-it® Notes – 3″ x 23⁄4″


We have an initiative which supports youth in care and need to promote the “brand” without creating a label. We also needed a product which our kids and their support people would like and likely use, which would then increase the brand visibility. The selection of options with 4imprint was very good and having a sample to show the rest of the team made it an easy sell.

Brenda from Lindsay, # C113420, Silver Streak Tumbler


We gave out the mini frisbee flyers at the annual Celebrate Barrie community event. We are getting known at the event as being a fun organization and people come looking to see what we will give away each year and what activities we are providing.

Cathy with Wee Watch, # C116074, Saturn Flying Disk


We have a run every year and this year I decided we need a little “booster” for the staff, volunteers and 500 plus runners. What better than our logo as a tattoo…who doesn’t love a tattoo?! Our run is in a few weeks and I am sure they will be a huge hit. We will also use them for our summer camp and kids birthday parties.

Nanci from Winnipeg, # C111080, Custom Temporary Tattoo – 11⁄2″ x 11⁄2″


These Slalom Messenger Bags are being used as completion gifts for our COMPASS program. The members of this program will be utilizing these bags for months to come as they pursue their future job search goals.

Beverley with CSE Consulting, # C104957, Slalom Messenger Bag


As the owner of an RV Storage business, I wanted to thank my current customers with a small token. It needed to be something useful that would not get lost in a drawer somewhere. The mini tire gauge keychain is perfect and puts a smile on peoples faces. The most common comment is: ”I needed this to check the tires on my RV. Perfect timing”. Put the RV keys on the ring and it will never get overlooked. Every time they use the keys they see the company name. I always give two. One to keep and one to give away.

Jack with Double Dutch RV Storage, # C9749, Mini Tire Gauge with Keychain

Booth Buzz

Promotional products might just be the best thing ever when it comes to making sure your booth is the one they visit. Here are some ways to make sure there is a well-worn path right to your booth.


We wanted to have a better presence at conferences and seminars. This branded tablecloth has done just that! We are extremely happy with how they turned out and how they look!

Audra from Toronto, # C8571, 8′ Table Throw


Convention in Vancouver so we decided as it rains a lot there we’d give everyone an umbrella with our logo on it. When people see so many of them they’re bound to ask who we are!

Lynda with Crown Jewels of Canada Society, # C6378, Compact 42″ Collapsible Umbrella


We ordered totes so we could hand them out at our conferences. We missed doing this one year because we thought everyone got tired of getting a tote or conference bag, but we were wrong. Everyone asked for one and were disappointed that we didn’t have any, so we are planning to have them for the next time around and just ordered some.

Pamela with Saskatchewan Prevention Institute, # C109678, Folding Tote in a Pouch


We are hosting an international conference and all delegates will receive these items. The umbrellas were a bit tongue in cheek since the conference is in Victoria and one might need an umbrella there.

Anonymous, # C6378, Compact 42″ Collapsible Umbrella

For Your Cause

Whether it’s a non profit, school store or fundraising, if you need money for the mission, promotional products work.


The Student Leadership team here at Ellesmere Statton Public School has been assisting the Daily Bread Food Bank in a variety of ways over the past six years. This year, as part of our fundraising effort, we ordered 200 pair of Risky Business sunglasses to sell to our students. From quote to product received, 4imprint has been outstanding in customer service. Good stuff!

Ted with Ellesmere Statton Public School, # C111490, Risky Business Sunglasses


We used the bags to help promote our booksale. We provided people with empty bags for a small price that they were able to fill at the booksale for free. Everyone had a great time!

Anonymous, # C7686-1313, Promotional Tote – 13″ x 13″


We run “Chubby’s Dine on Swine” with all proceed’s going to our area sub-chapter of the children’s wish foundation. When someone buys a strip of grand prize tickets we alwys give them a little “Chubby’s” token to take home. This year we used the bottle/can opener. With great thanks and happiness from all who supported us.

Jay with St.George Hardware, # C103029, Mini Bottle/Can Opener Key Tag


Team bags for high school athletics! The students do so much work and fundraising for the school we like to reward them with top of the line team gear!

Cory with Andrew School, # C111686-E, 4imprint Leisure Duffel


The sling bag was used as ‘swag’ for the participants running 5K at a fundraising race. Very well received!

Anonymous, # C8762, Slingpack


We included a stylus pen with a letter campaign—asking delegates to use the pen to sign the letter. No one could say they did not have a pen! (Nice pen, too—with a logo and website!)

Agnes with Elks & Royal Purple of Canada, # C116620, Jada Stylus Twist Pen


We are hosting a charity run called “A Lung Run.” It is in support of the Give 2 Live Campaign for double lung recipient Hélène Campbell. We got the caribiners to help generate buzz at our booth as we launched registration for this years race!

Travis with A Lung Run, # C107593, Carabiner Key Tag

Team Unity

From small business to big business, university to non-profit, the name of the game is to make sure people know who you are and what you’re about. Promotional products work when it comes to building your brand.


We had an over night ski trip for team building. We gave out little gift bags, and in them we included travel mugs with our company logo.

Haley with Livewire Communications, # C109694, Cornado Tumbler


These blankets were a gift to our karate students. It was a “job well done and keep practicing” type of gift. We travel to tournaments all winter so it was a way to help stay comfy in the car and in the gym.

Mari with Longlac Martial Arts, # C105397, Roll Up Fleece Blanket


We use these with our cheer team when we go to competitions. The kids store their uniforms and shoes in them with lots of room to boot.

Anonymous, # C116338, Rocket Sling Bag


I have a team of helpers who assist with all different parts of our business. I couldn’t thank them enough, so they each
received a sweatshirt 🙂

Jessica with McGrath School of Irish Dance, # C100814, Gildan 50/50 Adult Hooded Sweatshirt


The personalized hats were used to compliment my volunteer appreciation event theme “let us tip our hat to you in appreciation”.

Anonymous, # C107690, Price Buster Cap

Saying Thank You

Whether it’s for saying thank you to volunteers, to applaud hard workers for a job well done or for recognizing an anniversary, here are some creative ways to say “thanks.”


The BMW Club of Canada, Trillium Chapter, holds Advanced Driving Schools and this was a ‘thank you’ gift to the attendees. Our clients were very impressed by the quality of this product.

Jennifer from Markham, # C121088, Market Stainless Tumbler


The notebook was given to our participant as a token of appreciation for their hard work throughout the year. We took the colour orange, not only because it is part of our network’s colours but because orange is a career colour. It distinguishes itself from the other colours as our network members goes above and beyong what is expected – they stand out!

Anonymous, # C115378, Neoskin Notebook Cover w/ Journal


We used the lifesavers to thank our contractors to let them know that they are truly our lifesavers.

Anonymous, # C112358-AF, Individual Life Savers – Assorted Fruit


We have many employers who take in our students for their COOP placements. Giving gifts is one way of saying thank you and show our gratitude.

Nathalie with CSCNO, # C106977, Therm-O-Tote Insulated Grocery Bag


We recently had a major ice storm in the Toronto area which left about 1 million people without power for days. We were able to rally many volunteers to help de-ice for seniors and disabled and to get people to the warming centres. I gave these pens out to all of those that helped as a small token of our appreciation. I didn’t get these pens for that purpose but it was well received. Now we have to order more for the business 🙂

Steve with SWB, Inc., # C109711, Earlton Pen


We hold an employee appreciation event every May and we give the gift to our staff to say “Thank You” for all that they do for our residents.

Anonymous, # C117078, Salad Shaker Set


For our Weyburn OTS Oilwomen’s Golf tournament we gave these corksicles away as the golfer thank you gifts. They were a huge hit and everyone was very excited to receive one!

Abby with Weyburn OTS Oilwomen’s Golf Committee, # C120324, Corkcicle


Public school was celebrating our 10th anniversary. Our school parent council wanted to celebrate and generate school spirit by presenting the kids with a reminder of their time at the school. We had a limited budget allocated from the funds we generate from our pizza lunches. We were able to purchase enough bags for the students, teachers and admin staff.

School Council with Lincoln Alexander PS (Markham ON), # C101647, Classic Sling Bag


I am always on the lookout for products that I can use to thank my current customers as well as getting my name into potential customers minds. A current useful product such as these pens is something that people appreciate and will use. This puts a positive light on my business and keeps my name and phone number handy for their future reference.

Christopher with Precision Services, # C108695-ST, Javelin Stylus Pen


I have a Dj’ing business and wanted something I could use as a thank you gift as well as a prize for events, etc. I found the portable speaker and thought it would be a great gift as well help promote my business.

Trish with THT Music, # C111045, Apple-Shaped Rechargeable Speaker


We are working hard to achieve accreditation. Hand hygiene is important in health care and these refillable spray cleansers are a perfect way of saying “thanks for your hard work” to staff, and reinforcing our hand hygiene policy.

Nuala with HopeGreyBruce, # C9781, Hand Spray Cleanser


Updated a 32 hour training course with the help of 30 subject matter experts. Portfolios were used as a thank you for their extra time.

Maureen from Calgary, # C5638, Zippered Portfolio, Vinyl


We ordered umbrellas with the school logo for all staff and gave them out at our Christmas luncheon. Staff was very pleased and liked the colours.

Anonymous, # C100224, 54” Windproof Golf Umbrella


Our parts dept was in need of some items for the job well done last year, so we gave each one of them a jacket for their hard work! They loved them!

Maureen from Calgary, # C115050, Cavell Soft Shell Jacket

Spreading the Word

Whether it’s public safety or a simple community reminder, here are a few ideas to help spread the word about your special campaign.


The jackets are worn by the executive members of a small community theatre group. We wear them to other theatre events and around town. When people ask what show we are doing next, we always reply we are run totally by volunteers with opportunities for everyone of all ages to get involved. We are raising our profile and recruiting volunteers.

Sue with The Lakeside Players, # C112612, Katahdin Tek Fleece


We wanted to raise awareness of how an act of kindness can often be the first step to a new friendship. We used brightly colored hats and glasses to be noticed in the community and gave out stickers with the message. Ended with a big party!

Janice with You’ve Gotta Have Friends, # C107409, Front Runner Cap


Running for Lion 1st Vice District Governor I thought the fun flyer would l be something different than pens most candidates give out and they went over very well. Thank You.

Gerry from Sudbury, # C109231, Fun Flyer


We included USB drives in delegate packages to brand our 7th Canadian Waste Resource Symposium and have a value added component where delegates walked away with all presentations downloaded to the drive.

Ralph with Anchor Point Consulting, # C104601, USB Swing Drive


We are a training facility and we put on a conference each year. This year our goal was to show people ”your future is so bright you gotta wear shades!“

Shelley with ECDSS, # C111490, Risky Business Sunglasses

Awareness activity. I created a one page flyer regarding RFID scanning secuity issues and attached a personalized RFID blocking card sleeve. I distributed the flyer at a conference I presented at, and will also distribute these each time I provide professional development training at my worksite, which is 2 or 3 times a month. I am hoping the RFID blocking card sleeve will continue to provide a reminder to users to protect their sensitive information.

Anonymous, # C114805-CC, Identity Theft Guard Sleeve – Credit Card


We are trying to make our school more “green” so we bought the thermal lunch bags for the staff. Everyone is very happy with it because it is large enough for their large salad bowls and has a place on the side for the beverages. There were a lot of smiles which is always a good thing.

Anonymous, # C110075, Therm-O-Snack Insulated Bag

The Carrot

Increase participation, improve registration rates and maybe even generate additional revenue. If you’re looking for that ‘carrot,’ look for promotional products.


One of the bags I order with our company logo is given to each new client. They bring it back every week to collect their order. They use it for their lunch in between appointments so others see our logo…

Lise with Food-Wise Weight Loss, # C105629, Laminated Large Fashion Tote


We use various imprinted items to highlight our website address and hand them out at conferences and workshops. This directs the target group to our site where there is useful information, professional development and job opportunities for educators.

Anonymous, # C9213, Blossom Pen/Highlighter


In trying to get gigs for my part-time classic rock band, it is often difficult to meet in person with bar/club owners because they have crazy hours. I loaded these drives with audio/video clips, photos, marketing materials and a contact page with links to our website and YouTube channel. The drive is already in my laptop when I meet with a customer; if they are not available or do not have time right away, I simply pull out the drive and set up a follow-up meeting. At the follow-up, I either book a gig or retrieve the drive.

Chris with Maple Vodka, # C104601, USB Swing Drive


We are hosting an outdoor drive-in movie night for clients and their family and friends. The blankets are a gift to each family, and given the late- September timing I’m sure they’ll be a hit.

Lee from Sharron, # C105397, Roll Up Fleece Blanket

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