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| Updated: March 29, 2022


Build Your Brand

From small business to big business, university to nonprofit, the name of the game is to make sure people know who you are and what you’re about.  Promotional products work when it comes to building your brand.

“We work in higher education and market to adult learners.  The longer lasting more practical items give us the most bang for our dollar.” —Amanda from Martin, 128421 Energize Portable Power Bank

“We gave emergency hammers to each graduating senior in our county.  We also plan to sell these to our members.  With the logo on the item it is a great way to get a positive word out about our organization.” —Leanne from Canton, 122154 Emergency Hammer

“We purchased a bunch of pens with the plans of leaving them everywhere…looking for brand recognition…we knew it was working when a new customer called & said I stole your pen from the coffee shop on the corner so I would not forget who I needed to call.” —Anonymous, 6551 Javelin Pen

“The sunglasses are a gift to the incoming class of 2020—clever…don’t you think? Class of 2020 and 20/20 Vision—great prop for a motivational talk for incoming students this year!” —S. Marie from Jamaica, 109494 Risky Business Sunglasses

“As a radio station, our fans and listeners really liked the guitar shaped hand fans during hot outdoor events.” —Sheree from Prudenville, 5137 Hand Fan

“We bought the eye masks for patients with certain eye conditions. We get better compliance if we can get it in their hands before they leave.” —Ally from Boone, 136412-EY Wonder Beads Eye Mask

“At Westlake Medical Center most of our tenants are doctors. A few do sports physicals at the local high school, and hand out these footballs and basketballs to promote the entire medical center.” —Brandice from Austin, 100812-BK Stress Reliever-Basketball, 116495-5 5” Foam Football

“We introduced our new mobile app at our largest tradeshow of the year using a 4imprint Selfie Stick.  People loved them and it reinforced our message.” —Karen from Woodinville, 131973 Fold Down Selfie Stick

“We give our patients who have total joint replacements a robe, a gift and soon the men will be given sweatpants.” —Cynthia from Grants Pass, 126074 Plush Shawl Collar Robe

“I used my grocery totes to fill up with goodies for our 50th high school reunion. We filled the bags with a HS baseball hat, a book, and a commemorative glass.” —Claire from Stevens, 105223 Reusable Grocery Bag

“I ordered these mugs for our Real Estate Office’s Broker/Owner to include with his closing gifts and to serve coffee to clients during his meetings, and just to use around the office.” —Rebecca from Watertown, 4920 Challenger Mug

Booth Buzz

Promotional products might just be the best thing ever when it comes to making sure your booth is the one they visit.  Here are some ways to make sure there is a well-worn path right to your booth.

“This was a giveaway for a client conference.  The conference was held in sunny Phoenix, AZ, so we wanted a promotional item that would be ‘themed’ to the area…the sunglasses were perfect!” —Anonymous, 129899 Verano Sunglasses

“We gave away the power banks at an education/technology conference. The attendees were pleased with the power banks because it was something that they could use. Who hasn’t had a phone or device need a quick charge?” —Gayle from Anderson, 128422 On The Go Flashlight Power Bank

“We were an exhibitor at a local wine festival – our stadium cups were just the right size for attendees to use and we loved seeing everyone walking around with our company’s name & logo.” —Shelley from Virginia Beach, 85026 Stadium Cup

“We made cookies and placed in these bags for participants to walk the around show floor with. A fun little addition.” —Judith from East Brunswick, 110228 Gourmet Bag

“We used this swag to thank people for coming to our booth and to drive booth traffic.  It was EXTREMELY successful – using brand name products like eos® lip balm had people talking about us and attendees came to our booth specifically for the swag.” —Anonymous, 128291 eos® Lip Balm

“We were looking for something FUN and DIFFERENT for car show goodie bags because we wanted our THING to be what makes more people smile!  THESE DID IT! Thanks!” —Colleen from Portland, 5975 Fold Up Flyer

“One of the largest community gatherings in our service area is an August “Concert in the Park” event. We ordered dog collar flasher/reflectors and dog waste bag dispensers, both with our name and logo on them. They turned out great and were much appreciated by booth visitors. We have many left over that we’ll give to pet owners who come to the hospital for services.” —Sherman from Austin, 104811 #2 Bag Dispenser

“We ordered our promotional products to give away at a first annual expo, they were a hit. Everyone came to our booth asking about what was inside the “red bag” they had seen others carrying with our logo on it. Inside we had a lot of information about our company, along with all the products and services we offered and how it could help them out.” —Karlee from Corunna, 104566 Oxo-Biodegradable Grab Bag

“I promote my business at healthcare expos and give away promotional materials that will stay in people’s homes for a long time because visitors to my booth do not need my homecare service at that time.” —John from Garden Grove, 118640 Citrus Hand Sanitizer

For Your Cause

Whether the mission is a nonprofit, school store or fundraising, if you need money, promotional products work.

“We gave luggage tags away for our golf outing fundraiser.  Our theme this year was a nautical theme so a luggage tag in the shape of a ship with our logo on it was perfect for our thank-you gift to our golfers.” —Kristeanna from Wittenberg, 118678 Ships Ahoy Luggage Tag

“The West Burlington high school volleyball team sold water bottles purchased through 4imprint.com.  The water bottles promoted the school and our cause.  The players sold all 100 bottles ordered and raised $750 for Water Our Thirsty World.  WOTW will dig a well with a water purification system in a developing country based on our donation.” —Tom from Wayland, 115918 RoBo Sport Bottle

“These wine glasses were given as a thank you to anyone who gave at a certain level during our Remarkable Women Giving Circle event. Our donors were impressed!” —Laresa from Hendersonville, 112564 Stemless Wine Glass

“We used the bottles we ordered from 4imprint as table centerpieces at our annual fundraising Gala. We got a lot of positive feedback and some of our guests wanted to take them home with them! They definitely helped with branding our organization while giving a classier vibe to our event.” —Jeff from New Albany, 125065 h2go Giara Glass Bottle

“We had a 5k to benefit the Maine Cancer Foundation, we gave these stickers out at the finish line to all participants.” —Anonymous, 106607 Value Sticker by the Roll

“My company supports a committee that drives sustainable efforts across our enterprise and in the community.  My order was for reusable canvas bags (with our company logo) that we will use in a “this for that” exchange.  Our employees will bring in plastic grocery bags in exchange for a canvas bag, and then the plastic bags we collect will be donated to the local food pantry for reuse.” —Anonymous, 106836 Value Grocery Tote

“We sponsor an event every year and try to tie in a giveaway with where the event is being held.  This year it was in Sonoma Valley so we chose the wine stopper as a giveaway.” —Anonymous, 109986 Wine Stopper

“We gave these lions to all of the children in our church whose homes were damaged in the recent flood in South Louisiana in hopes that they could provide some sense of comfort during this tough time.” —Kaitlin from Baton Rouge, 115522 Wild Bunch Animal

“The fan is a giveaway to employees who participated in the annual Cypress Walk/Run. It was great, especially for a hot day.” —Joanne from Cypress, 130358 Mini Fan Keychain

Saying Thank You

Here are creative ways to say thanks to volunteers, applaud hard workers for a job well done or recognize an anniversary.

“We hold a quarterly recognition event. For these events we like to provide a take away gift for our recognition attendees. For this event we did the KOOZIE® Duo Lunch Cooler with our company logo and they were a huge hit.” —Wayne from Flushing, 119999 KOOZIE® Duo Lunch Cooler

“I wanted to find a way to help turn new customers into long-term partners, increase sales, and thank customers for their business in a way that was memorable and unique.  I wanted something that would not be thrown away, people would enjoy and keep on their desk.   The gifts have been well received and have helped to further strengthen the relationship.” —Anonymous, 125383 ifidelity Sideswipe NFC Bluetooth® Speaker

“We will give the blanket to our staff support group to show appreciation for their “Warm-derful” behind the scenes work.” —Anonymous, 103416 Picnic/Stadium Blanket

“I manage a very senior IT development team that created and worked on a very, very complex system for a demanding client in a mission critical area. After working so hard, I thought it was time for them to relax and celebrate a job well done. I purchased the chairs to help them with their relaxation.” —Amy from Harrisburg, 104480 “BIG’UN” Folding Camp Chair

“We ordered aprons to give to our employees along with a company cookbook we are producing.  We loved that the neck and straps on the apron are adjustable to fit the different body types of our staff.” —Anonymous, 5589 Denim 3-Pocket Apron

“A lot of our customers are contractors or working on a construction site, so safety green t-shirts are perfect gifts for them. And showing our logo on those t-shirts is a good advertisement for us.” —Bogusia from Naperville, 6729 Hanes® Tagless T-Shirt

“We are celebrating our 60th year operating in Terre Haute, IN and wanted to give our employees a Thank You gift.  We gave everyone a cooler tote as a Thank You.  On the day of our celebration everyone who attended the event received a tote bag with goodies inside.  Everyone loved the gift and was impressed with the quality of the items.” —Jennifer from Terre Haute, 100637 24-Can Convertible Duffel Cooler

“We had a company party at a casino and as a thank you we provided all employees a gift bag which contained drink tickets, a 100 Grand candy bar and a branded ‘casino style’ deck of cards. Employees loved it!” —Amy from Blue Earth, 117200 Playing Cards

“The backpack was a thank you gift for our summer interns.  We wanted an item they would find useful while at the university and simultaneously promote our company to their fellow students.” —Simone from Miami, 135507 adidas® 25.5L Laptop Backpack

“We have an annual golf tournament at our Company.  We used these glasses for tee prizes given to each participant to thank them for playing in our event.” —John from Cullman, 5779 Pint Glass Set

“We held an employee appreciation event with the theme “Empowering Our Employees” and gave them “power” banks.” —Anne from Minneapolis, 128646 Round Two Tone Power Bank

Spreading The Word

Help spread the word about your special campaign—from a simple community reminder to public safety.

“We are relocating our retail tennis store.  So we use our stickers that announce ‘We’re Moving’ to put on existing products that we sell.  The 2 best places they work are on the lid of tennis ball cans we sell and also our employees put one on their shirt everyday so customers can’t miss our announcements.” —Amy from Rockville, 106607 Value Sticker by the Roll

“I hosted my brother’s memorial cycle racing series. The string backpacks were given to all participants. Likely, the cyclists will wear them all around town—promoting the series and “glow” lime green providing some safety while on the streets.” —Beth from Lake Oswego, 6188 Drawstring Sportpack

“We use the padfolios for our college students, we prepare them for graduate school and careers so they will use the padfolio for interviews.” —Elena from Thousand Oaks, 111112 Pedova Zippered Padfolio

“We give these soft little bears to our patients for comfort to show that we care about their needs while undergoing surgery.” —Tonya from Anchorage, 117885 Little Paw Bear

“We ordered there buttons to both promote our LemonAiD campaign among staff and sponsors and for our participants to wear as badges while they were running their lemonade stand as part of the campaign.” —Katherine from Columbus, 39214-RD Round Button

“Our company ordered the white visors for our Inaugural MS Adaptive Golf Day and gave one out to everyone who participated. They were a hit!” —Alyssa from Weston, 107256 Cotton Twill Lightweight Visor

“It is hard to get attention for our small nonprofit. We work on a Big 10 campus, and there are LOTS of other organizations competing for student attention.  Getting a razor banner to plant outside has helped us stand out and gain more visibility.” —Andrea from Champaign, 132752 Outdoor Razor Sail Sign

“Our Police Department hands out items to town schools and children as part of ‘Back to School’ programs as well as safety topics.” —Jennifer from Merrimac, 127525 Policeman Pen

“We hold an annual ‘Dine in the Dark’ event to raise awareness about blindness/visual impairment/deteriorating vision.  We order the masks so participants can don a blindfold, and partake in a three course meal.  It not only raises awareness, but helps us to raise much needed funds.” —Stacey from Leonardo, 126983 Eye Mask

“Our volunteers deliver hot meals, so we have the insulated totes available for them to use.  They zip close, so they keep the meals warm!” —Jessica from Abilene, 106542 Therm-O-Tote Insulated Grocery Bag

“We ordered magnets to make residents aware of the steps to take in the event of an emergency (fire, weather, or other community incident).” —Aucuria from East Peoria, 111306 Billboard Magnet

Team Unity

If you’re looking to outfit your team with a unified look, trying to build morale, or you want to create walking billboards, promotional products get the job done.

“Each of our team members received a large-sized mug with our department’s logo to strengthen our team unity and to encourage participation in our organization’s sustainability initiative – no more paper cups or bowls.” —Anonymous, 101870 Matte Barrel Mug

“Used the can cozies for a safety meeting on keeping hydrated in the summer.  Our guys work outside as asphalt pavers and we put a bottle of water in each one and handed them out at the beginning of the meeting.” —Marketta from Floyds Knobs, 110 Pocket Coolie

“We ordered the “Fandanas” for (2) running races that our company sponsored this summer.  They were a huge hit and everyone at the races was wearing them!” —Julie from Aspen, 123746 The Fandana

“The water bottles were given away at our annual team member picnic, which takes place in NYC’s Central Park. The water bottles were chosen because they relevant to our theme- the 2016 Summer Olympics.” —Jennifer from New York, 9990 Comfort Grip Sport Bottle

“We give each of our swimmer’s a Celebration Tote at the beginning of each season to keep their swim gear in. They look great, in rainbow colors displayed in our entry.” —Kay from Albuquerque, 5938 Celebration Shopping Tote Bag

“We are a growing company and have added several new offices. This was a team building effort for all the staff.  Everyone really likes their new jackets!  Thanks!!” —Toni from Mount Clemens, 123990 Crossland® Fleece Jacket

“We ordered these to give to our new hires as a way to hold all their paperwork and take notes. They were such a hit that we decided to provide them to all of our employees. It makes me smile to go into a meeting and see that EVERYONE has their folio!” —Elena from Martinsburg, 126360 University Portfolio

“As a kick-off to our Advisory program, we purchased a t-shirt for every student and staff member in the building. The t-shirt contains our logo on the front and an acronym for our name “Remdawgs”. On Friday’s staff and students wear their shirts to show pride in Remington Middle School. The t-shirts have been a huge success.” —Brian from Franklin, 6729 Hanes® Tagless T-Shirt

The Carrot

Increase participation, improve registration rates and maybe even generate additional revenue.  When you’re looking for that ‘carrot,’ look for promotional products.

“We gave these away as part of our referral program. Each member and their referred friend received one as a gift.” —Anonymous, 109996 Life in Motion XL Cargo Box

“We used the bags and adult coloring books we ordered as incentives for clients who reduced their tobacco use. Our clients love the bag because of the durability. Our logo looks amazing as well.” —Anonymous, 132537 Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Book

“Our military installation has an annual Safety Fair attended by approximately 2,000 personnel. This year we increased attendance by 30%!  Many patrons said they came to the Safety Fair because co-workers returned to their workplace with so many great ‘freebies’.  Promotional items work!” —Anita from Fort Leonard Wood, 120059 Neck Tote First Aid Kit

“We had a conference and wanted to highlight our speakers and our members.  The non-members all wanted to become members because we were able to give our members extra perks because of the highlighted badge strips giving them recognition and prominence.  I increased our membership goals that day by signing up people who were attending for the first time and excited to be able to enjoy the highlighted perks of membership.” —Yolanda from Chicago, 109511 Stock Badge Ribbons

“We used the Moscow Mule mug to send as a door opener to executives at prospect companies. We sent it along with some Moscow Mule ingredients and the package looks fantastic! We are excited since the presentation was GREAT!” —Anonymous, 131844 Moscow Mule Mug

“We use the bag for all our RV parts customers who are buying an RV. We put the items they purchase to get them up and running in the bag. The bag is helpful and can be re used. It also does some advertising for us when people use the bag.” —Anonymous, 106836 Value Grocery Tote

“As part of our Wellness Program, if staff complete their biometrics, health assessment and dental exam they will receive a free Heartland logo polo.  This is a huge incentive for our company as it’s never been an option before.” —Katie from Johnston, 121915 BLU-X-DRI Stain Release Performance Polo

“We launched a reading challenge and handed out the ESCC Reads headphones to anyone who registered.” —Anonymous, 106759 Ear Buds with Interchangeable Covers

“This was used as a gift for completing our transportation survey. We need to survey people in our area for project funding.  This will help us meet their needs! The free gift always gets people’s attention and they are willing to spend 30 seconds to answer some questions!” —Anonymous, 106875 Carabiner Key Tag














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