Whitney, 4imprint employee for 5 yearsWhitney, a customer service representative (CSR), is celebrating her five-year employee anniversary at 4imprint in January, 2018. She enjoys 4imprint’s many perks including the on-site caterers and medical clinic, and says she loves how the company makes sure employees know they matter and that all are valued. “Whether it is with smoothie day or ice cream treats on a hot day, they really know how to make us feel important,” Whitney said.


In the past, Whitney has worked for a couple of other larger companies, but she said none of them had a team atmosphere like the one at 4imprint. It’s this collaborative environment that has shown Whitney the valuable lesson of teamwork. She explained, “We are one big team, from the time the order is placed until it is at our customer’s doorstep; we work as a team to make sure the entire experience is an amazing experience.”


Coming into work is made easier by the coworkers who have become more like a family to Whitney. She said a sense of peace comes over her when she walks through the office doors. “Not everyone can say that when they walk into work,” Whitney shared. Besides the amazing people she works with, Whitney said building a working relationship with customers—the best, she added—who come back day after day is a very rewarding and special feeling she doesn’t quite know how to explain.


When asked if there was a moment at 4imprint that made her feel a sense of pride, Whitney shared this story: “This wasn’t my order, but I remember there was an issue on T-shirts for a cancer walk and the customer needed them the following day. For some reason, the packages got lost in the mail. Not only did we get the shirts reprinted that day, we had a team manager take the finished shirts, jump on a plane and hand-deliver them hours before the walk started. That right there made me proud to be a 4imprint employee.”


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