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There’s no place like home. That’s what companies like Apple®, Ford®, Whirlpool® and others are discovering. The trend is a growing number of organizations clicking their heels and bringing overseas operations back to the U.S. According to Harold Sirkin, a senior partner from the Boston Consulting Group®, in the upcoming years 20 to 25 percent of products that were sent offshore will eventually return to the United States.1 Even more telling, research shows that more than half of executives at manufacturing companies with sales exceeding $1 billion either plan to, or are thinking about, bringing overseas operations back to the United States from China. Since 2012, there’s been roughly a 15 percent increase in companies that return to the U.S.2 It’s a global trend—one study found that in the past three years a surprising one in six companies from the United Kingdom returned home.3 The practice is called “reshoring,” and more and more corporations are putting out welcome mats for foreign operations to return home.


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