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Whether you’re a golfer or just an average Joe, I’m sure you have heard about the recent Tiger Woods victory at the 2005 Masters, held in Augusta, GA.







The amazing suspenseful ending seems to be all the talk. Not to mention a huge boost for Nike™ and its marketing campaign (not sure if they needed it, but it certainly can’t hurt). The amazing close-up shot of the Nike Swoosh on the 16th green seems almost like a ready made TV commercial, which appears to already be in the works.







“That ball, and that logo, have had more TV time in the last 36 hours than Nike could have imagined in its most aggressive marketing dreams. And the company didn’t pay a single advertising dollar for this publicity bonanza.” and “By some estimates, Nike has already earned about $1 million in equivalent advertising time for its ball.” , LA Times online.







The golf ball used, Nike One Platinum, Woods helped develop and is scheduled for release to the public sometime next month. We hope to have them available in our industry for promotional use later this summer. While we all wait 4imprint can offer you some other great golf ball and accessory options. We also have two great new Nike balls that should be available sometime next month, Nike Mojo and Nike Velocity. Look for them on 4imprint’s ‘Our Newest Items’ page soon!







Nike™ and Tiger’s story are probably a bit larger than most of us tend to dream when we think of the results from promotional products, but used in the right context and given the right circumstances they can be a huge (maybe million dollar) asset to any company.

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One Response to “You had to have heard!”

  1. plasticspro

    Just an idea, but it had an immediate impact on my audience.

    For my wedding a few years back, I had golf tees imprinted with my spouses and mine first names and the phrase – teeing off into the future together! I bagged these up as favors for guests. They were a smash success. The guys loved it that they had favors for them, and the women who golfed were wonderous about the concept. I sitll use these tees when to golf with corporate clients, and so many of the golfers really make the connection that I love the game, not just play for show.

    How does this apply to business promotions? The phrase completed the thought for the item! Don’t just put your name on a promotion idea, BRAND it with the thought of why your product is best. The impact would not have been as pointed if I had just the first names on the tee.


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