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Last fall we introduced our very own duffel bag, the 4imprint Leisure Duffel #7008. This bag was offered in Royal, Gray and Black. It was so successful that we decided to add a new color this year. Only problem is, we sampled two colors and could not decide which one we liked better! After much debate, a compromise was made. We have brought in both colors and would like you, our cherished customers, to help us decide which one we’ll keep. The two new colors are:










Take a look at them both and let us know what you think! You can click on the feedback button below to give us your thoughts.  Thank you for your time, we value your opinion!





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15 Responses to “You Be The Judge!”

  1. Lacey

    Hate to be the dissenting opinion here, but I prefer the burgundy bag because, although not as flashy, the burgundy has a more expensive look.

    Why buy a promotional item that is too gaudy for most customers to want to use? If customers are using your promotional item, your name is getting out there as intended. The burgandy is attractive and professional looking.

  2. Kristin

    I agree with Lacey…I LOVE the burgundy. Yellow would be great for employees when you really want the logo to stand out…but for clients, the burgundy wins hands-down.

  3. Sheri

    I like the burgundy bag better. As stated by Lacey, it is more professional looking and companies would be more apt to purchase a more subdued color, at least that is how it is in my company.

  4. Lyn

    Definitely yellow. It’s fun, splashy and easily recognizable. The royal, gray and black satisfy the more professional image.

  5. Donna

    I like the burgundy – I agree with Lacey – burgundy is more professional looking.

    But for casual and fun it would be yellow. Can’t we have both????????? 🙂

  6. Stephanie

    Although I like the yellow personally I do think the burgandy looks richer and would not show dirt as quickly.

  7. BETSY

    Burgundy for sure. Stays clean looking no matter what the airline ramp rats do to it.

  8. A

    Burgundy! Upscale, deep rich tone that will last through a lot of wear & tear

  9. Nancy

    Burgundy, hands down! It looks more professional, would not show the dirt as easily, and would be more readily accepted by males as well as females.

  10. Jayne

    I really like the burgundy, however, at the gym it seems that everyone’s bags are either red, blue, green, or black. Go with yellow. While the burgundy is more professional, the yellow is more eyecatching. If I’m advertising my business, I would prefer to standout in the crowd, than blend.


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