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Heather, our newsletter editor and I sat down last week to talk about color. Heather wanted my input as she drafted her upcoming newsletter. Those I work with at 4imprint, and our suppliers know that increasing the color options in our range has been one of my big goals over the last 6 months….and I do think we are getting there.




But why ? Colors are a dynamic part of our lives and businesses, we all have our favorite colors and those we hate, we love black as it makes us look slim and struggle to admit that yes we also did own a pair of bright prink Flashdance legwarmers in the 80’s (actually I didn’t, but the rest of the team here seem to have done – crazy bunch!)




When we’re starting our businesses we worry about our logo’s and what color it should be in, why? Because the colors symbolize and help convey the meaning of our organization and what it does. UPS made itself synonymous with the color brown to the point that if I read the tag line ‘What can Brown do for you? I know exactly whom it’s referring to. A Lesser known example would be H2O, the toiletries company that uses ’water’ as an ingredient in its product…it would make no sense for its branding to be bright orange but instead uses every shade of blue and aqua going  




Other brands have built up a fantastic name for themselves without being color specific. Think about Nike. Its name and ‘swoosh’ have been used in all sorts of colors…the fantastic part of this for Nike is they get to associate their name with whatever colors are ‘in’ at that time, for that sport or for that celebrity .


So what color is your organization or business logo ? Does it convey the message that you want it to represent ?  About.com’s information on color meaning for businesses is about the best I could find  although I have to say I also love Crayola’s website on colors, they have the top 50 most popular crayon colors ever…I have to say I had never realized they had produced so many!


If you haven’t already done so take a look at the 4imprint Color Collection. It’s proving really interesting to watch which colors are the most popular!


Take your pick from …. green, purple, pink, rainbow, brown or red, white & blue and let us know which is your favorite





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