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Got a tweet from @hollyapeterson looking for ideas for a ‘tropical themed giveaway’ for a grand opening (150 people).  Decided to just throw that out to some of the team here with the instruction to  ‘give me the first idea that comes to mind’ – even though we don’t (as yet) know the budget or what kind of grand opening this is.

So @hollyapeterson – here you go – lots of hyperlinks below to have fun with! And thanks for letting us have fun on a Friday afternoon! If you need more, just say the word…

Amber – “Luggage Tags

Lindsey – “Little Drink Umbrellas”

Jennifer K – “Beach Towel” or “Full color lip balm with beach background art

Missy M – “Tahitian Totes or tub cooler”

Erin – “Sand Toys, lip balm, deep sea aquariumparrot towel, Cabana Cooler

Susan – “Stress Item – palm tree, sun, tropical fish”

Jennifer S – “Lip Balm

Richard – “Swanky Pen

Kristi – “Beach towel, cooler, Koozie

Kate – “Beverage Cooler

Judy – “Cooler

Missy E – “Sunscreen (I burn too easily)”

Melissa – “Beach Towel

Kristen – “Hobo Tote

Guenevere – “Palm tree shaped items: stress balls, key chains, chocolates”

Jen G – “Sunscreen Packets

Melanie – “Plastic coconut cups”

Emily W – “Sunglasses, towels and sunscreen, oh my!”

Randi – “anything with a Caribbean full color image…”

Carolynn – “Cabana Cooler, Bean Bag Animals with Life Raft, beach chair, towel…”

Tricia – “Koozies, Life of the Party Tub Cooler, Sea Life Beanbag w/Inner Tube

Joe – “Tahitian Tote”

Jessie – “Sea Life Beanbags

Steve –“Palmtree and Sunblock”

Julie –“ Sunscreen”

Niki, April – “Flip flops

Crystal – “Pineapple or Banana Pen or Photografix Tote

Marge – “tropical cooler

Lori- “Sunglasses”

Trish, Nancy, Carrie – “Palm Tree InkBend

Melissa – “…Goofy Clipz Holder -snorkel guy, Paper Photo Frame Summer

Shelley K – “Life of the Party Tub Cooler, Parrot Towel”

Kari – “Palm tree/cabana hut beach towels”

Shelley – “…beach safe caribineer, tropical shirt…”

Marsha – “Sun care kit

Nila – “…Tropical Camp Shirt…”

Angie H – “Life of the Party Tub Cooler- Tropical”

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