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| Updated: May 19, 2021

Training and professional development are important and ongoing here at 4imprint. Earlier this month, we unveiled two all-new training rooms to keep all our associates learning and growing. Check out these great colors (and training giveaway ideas, too)!

4imprint purple and green training room.


4imprint blue and green training room.

Team favorite training giveaways

Training sessions at 4imprint aren’t complete unless there’s a good supply of training giveaways (ie. sweet treats and boredom-busting stress relievers) to keep the atmosphere light. Here are some of our team’s favorites.

Sweet treats for a training pick me up

Our Tasty Treats bags are the perfect size for snacking. These individually packaged bags of Gummy Bears, M&M’s® or Smarties® are just what the trainer ordered to combat the midday slump.

Tasty Treats – Gummy Bears | 4imprint training giveaways.Tasty Treats - M&M's | 4imprint training swag.Tasty Treats – Smarties | Training giveaways from 4imprint.

Set a package at each trainees’ seat or pass around a basket when fatigue starts to set in.

Speaking of fatigue, did you know that peppermint can increase energy? And that it not only freshens breath but can improve concentration, too?

Keep a bowl of Starlites or Individual Life Savers® in your training rooms to provide a much-needed boost.

Starlites - Red Peppermint | Training swag from 4imprint.

Stress relievers that put an end to restlessness

Fighting fatigue is only half the battle. Sitting during training can make people feel restless and wiggly. Fight the fidgets with stress relievers.

A 4imprint favorite is the Solid Color Stress Ball.

Solid Color Stress Ball | 4imprint training giveaways.

This simple stress reliever has just the right amount of squishiness and is available in several colors.

Want a stress reliever that does something more? The MopTopper Stress Reliever not only squashes stress, it cleans screens. And the Goofy Phone Stand doubles as a stand to prop up devices.

MopTopper Stress Reliever | Training swag from 4imprint.Goofy Phone Stand | Training giveaways from 4imprint.

Offer training survival bags complete with a pen and jotter, bottle of water and stress reliever. Or, provide as a reward to participants who correctly answer questions and quizzes.

We love sharing our favorite training giveaway ideas. What training essentials keep your team excited about learning?