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Silicone is such an amazing material, making it an ideal material for promotional kitchen and other lifestyle wares. Consider just a handful of the benefits:


  • It’s unbreakable—you could run it over with a car and not crack it.
  • Withstands extreme temperatures—you can put silicone cookware in the freezer just as well as the oven.
  • Has a non-stick quality, which makes it great for baking.
  • Offered in a wide range of very vivid colors.
  • It’s relatively easy to clean.
  • It’s non-porous, which also makes it stain resistant and waterproof .
  • It’s flexible.
  • Offers a great grip, perfect for items you don’t want to drop such as a glass bottle.
  • Highly reusable.
  • BPA-free.

One of our newest promotional silicone items is the Silipint™. What makes this silicone pint cup so great is that it will not break, even in the hands of picnickers at your next business event or company-sponsored festival. The flexibility of the cup also allows you to pour liquids from it easily. Not to worry though, because it’s really very sturdy as well. You can even turn your favorite drink into a slushy by putting it in the freezer. It really is versatile!

 Silipint Personalized Pint Cup

We also have silicone oven mitts that can withstand up to a whopping 670 degrees! The customizable mitts give you a better grip on searing hot pans than any cloth kind ever could.

Custom Silicone Oven Mitt

Silicone kitchen utensils are ideal because they can withstand the heat and they won’t scratch up your pots and pans.

The non-stick quality of silicone makes it easier to clean than many other materials. Consider the basting brush. With silicone bristles, silicone basting brushes are much easier to clean than traditional bristles and they won’t fall out into your food.

Promotional Kitchen Utensils

Silicone is taking over the shelves in cooking aisles everywhere, and for good reason. Check out some of our other silicone promotional products.


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