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We recently added a selection of removable floor decals to our website that are available in various sizes, different shapes, and one-color and full-color imprinting. Floor decals are especially great for gaining extra logo exposure in an unexpected place: right below your feet. Here are some creative uses for the removable decals, giving your business some new, innovative advertising angles:

1. Use customized decals to help customers locate the clearance shelves or special sales sections of your store.

2. Lead customers on a special scavenger hunt, using the decals to point the way or to offer clues. Great for special holiday or customer appreciation events!

3. Include the decals on customer self-guided tours to point out notable exhibits or architectural features.

4. Identify store aisles by number or type of product.

5. Indicate your store’s emergency escape routes with arrows.

6. Help guide customers to certain departments or checkout lanes. One example would be for restaurants or pharmacies to indicate “order here” and “pickup here” windows.

7. Provide rule reminders at your business such as “no running,” “employees only,” or “do not enter.”

8. Place your team logo on your school’s gym floor to help cheer on your team at home games.

9. Print simplified “You Are Here” maps so customers know whether or not they’re headed in the right direction.

10. Thank a sponsor for their support by offering them a special advertising space on your floor.

These seemingly simple logo’d decals could have amazing far-reaching effects with a little creativity and careful placement!

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Jessica Collins

Jessica is the Web Copy Manager and has been with 4imprint for 6 years. She blogs about seasonal promotions and creative and meaningful product uses.

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