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| Updated: October 27, 2021

4 team-building giveaway ideas

  • Custom apparel is a fitting team-building gift idea
  • Communication gifts encourage conversation
  • Games boost staff connections
  • Milestone and achievement gifts build morale

When people hear the word “team,” the first thing that probably pops into their mind is football, baseball or another favorite sport. But teams and teamwork are a critical part of daily work life. Team building—and team building giveaways—have many benefits, from cultivating communication to enhancing trust to improving company morale. In fact, studies show that 75 percent of employers rate teamwork as “very important.”

75% of employers rate teamwork as very important. Team-building gifts can help!

These team-building tips—and team-building gift ideas—can help your employees work more effectively, giving a boost to your business.


Custom apparel is a fitting team-building gift idea

Custom workwear provides many benefits, from helping people feel like part of the team to making employees easily identifiable to customers.

Your team will look sharp in the office, on the factory floor, or when meeting people at a trade show while wearing a Nike® Performance Commander Polo. And Hanes® 50/50 ComfortBlend® T-Shirts are ideal corporate team-building gifts for your company picnic or a night out at a sporting event.


Communication gifts encourage conversation

When it comes to teamwork, communication is critical. In fact, 85 percent of workplace failures have been attributed to ineffective communication or a lack of collaboration. On the contrary, good communication at work increases productivity, boosts engagement and improves employee satisfaction.

85% of workplace failures are due to ineffective communication or lack of collaboration.

Use fun team-building gift ideas to help remind everyone about the importance of teamwork and good communication—and also that they should reach out to their team members when necessary.

The Organizer Foam Puzzle Cube – House helps keep office supplies organized while providing a good reminder that everyone on the team helps build the business.

Offer everyone a Flip Top Phone Stand with Duo Charging Cable and use it to tell people that picking up the phone is often the best way to collaborate and solve problems.


Games boost staff connections

Building friendships in the workplace leads to more than just a welcoming office—it also builds a better workplace. One survey shows that 75 percent of employees with a best friend at work feel like they’re able to take on anything.

75% of employees with a best friend at work feel like they’re able to take on anything.

There are several ways to encourage employees to get to know one another socially, including holding off-site gatherings and in-office lunches. Or you can build social breaks into long office meetings.

Hold an in-office game day, where people can use the 7-in-1 Traditional Game Set to play dominoes, backgammon, checkers, chess or cards. Create two-person teams for the Bean Bag Toss Game. Associates will have fun with the Giant Tumble Tower Game—which is like Jenga®, only larger.

If you don’t have time for a game day, consider making these games available at lunch hours or during scheduled break times.


Milestone and achievement gifts build morale

Provide encouragement by celebrating your team’s work. No matter what that achievement might be—meeting deadlines, finishing a major project or beating production goals—recognizing your employees’ hard work as often as possible will benefit your organization. Studies show that 75 percent of employees recognized by their manager at least once a month report being satisfied with their job.

Monthly recognition improves job satisfaction for 3 in 4 employees. Team-building gifts can help!

Recognize everyone on the team with corporate team-building giveaways. A Back Scratcher with Shoe Horn reminds people to pat themselves on the back for a job well done. A Grow Your Own Kit – Salsa lets them know that teams come together to create amazing things.

Or give everyone a Bike Repair Tool Kit with Carabiner to drive home the message that together, you can always keep moving forward.


Better teamwork makes a better business

Great teamwork is often the result of great team building. When you take the opportunity to get to know one another, remind teams of the importance of communication, and drive your message home with team-building giveaways, you can help your employees truly come together. If you’re looking for even more team-building ideas, check out our Blue Paper on boosting team spirit with team-building gifts.