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Oh, the things they think of! We normally don’t think about paper without the tree. But there are a number of products on the market today that leave trees completely out of the equation. Our very own Callaway® Color Combo Notebook is actually filled with stone paper.

According to the FiberStone® website, limestone is mixed with a small amount of HDPE plastic to create the stone paper. The resulting sheets even offer several benefits that regular paper doesn’t. It’s a lot harder to tear and doesn’t soak moisture as easily. To me, it has almost a silky feel too. Not bad, huh?

We also have elephant poo poo paper notebooks and jotters, made from thoroughly dried and sanitized elephant waste. These are almost guaranteed to stimulate conversation at your next event!

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Jessica Collins

Jessica is the Web Copy Manager and has been with 4imprint for 6 years. She blogs about seasonal promotions and creative and meaningful product uses.

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