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| Updated: August 13, 2020 2 min read

It’s safe to say superheroes are bigger than ever. Superhero films earned more than $1 billion per year 9 of the last 10 years. That doesn’t take into consideration all the other places you encounter your favorite super-powered hero, like comics, novels, clothing, toys and other merchandise. And now with our newest superhero giveaways for kids, your brand can be a part of the action too.

The Super Kid brand—available only at 4imprint—features a variety of fun items with themes like holidays, sports and of course, superheroes, all of which are designed to appeal to children ages 5 to 10.

We’ve recently expanded the Super Kid line to include two new superhero-themed sportpacks meant to wow young cape and cowl fans—and make your brand a champion.


Super Star sportpacks for superstars

The Super Kid Super Star Sportpack features a masked and caped Super Star on the front that’s sure to inspire the imagination of aspiring superheroes.

Super Kid Super Star Sportpack l Superhero giveaways for kids from 4imprint.

It makes a great giveaway for kids who have completed a reading challenge, participated in a fun-run, or collected money for a school fundraiser.


Superhero giveaways that give a blast of fun

The Super Kid Comic Blast Sportpack is imprinted with a comic book “explosion” graphic, making this superhero giveaway a blast for any recipient. It’s a great way to catch attention at a family-friendly community event.

Super Kid Comic Blast Sportpack l 4imprint superhero giveaways for kids.

Hand them out to help hold all their gear or other fun giveaways. Use it as a giveaway to draw families to your event booth. Fill it with useful items like back-to-school supplies and raffle it off as a grand prize.

Or create a “busy bag” by filling with items that will keep kids occupied and having fun during the event—and for weeks and months to come.


Able to build your brand with a single bag

When you’re trying to capture the attention of your brand champions, these superhero giveaways for kids are sure to save the day. That’s a win for truth, justice—and your organization.

Melanie VandenBoogard
Melanie VandenBoogard

Melanie has been with 4imprint 16 years and is a Senior Category Manager for some of our fastest-growing categories. From backpacks to tote bags and notebooks to journals, Melanie writes about popular brands and trends in bags and stationery products that you’d be proud to put your logo on.

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