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In an industry where word-of-mouth (no pun intended!) is king, Long Island Endodontics of Woodmere, N.Y., understands the critical importance of remaining top-of-mind with current and potential referrers.

“Our main way of getting patients through the door is through general dentist referrals, so the majority of our marketing is to them,” shared Ann Healey, marketing manager for Long Island Endodontics. “We’ve found it very effective, too.”

Long Island Endodontics, delivering root canal services to more than 1,300 patients of record in 2007, markets to area dentists and their personnel via face-to-face office visits, direct mailings and the use of highly targeted promotional products.

Such promotional products include water bottles in the summer, umbrellas on rainy days and coffee mugs in the chilly winter months. Healy and owner Dr. John Santopolo, DDS, have found that the business’ phone number can never be in too many places.

“Recently, we had a dentist who wanted to give our number to one of his patients. Later on, he told me that our phone number was on so many products in-office, that he had no problem finding it for referral. That shows we must be on the top of his mind!” explained Healey.

The business also takes care of its B2B clientele though personalized holiday gifts and regular drawings for referrers. The coveted prize for the winning staff? A basket, chock-full of promotional products and a gift card to a local eatery.

But, Long Island Endodontics doesn’t stop with referrer-based tactics. It also ensures all patients feel welcome and leave impressed with the quality of services received. This is accomplished with little to no wait time for appointments; high-tech digital imaging that allows for root canal completion in only one visit; and complimentary logo’d lip balm, toothpicks, calendars and calculators.

“Although root canals may be unpleasant, we try to make the entire experience here as comfortable and inviting as possible. Because, that’s what patients will remember in the future, and, that’s in part why other dentists will refer,” said Healey.

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