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How to clean up the current economic mess is a complicated topic with lots and lots of opinions.

We’ve had more internal debates and discussions than I can count, and while there is sometimes disagreement on things like stimulus packages, bail outs and housing crisis fixes one thing everyone agrees on is the critical role that innovation and entrepreneurial spirit will play in turning things around.

So we’d like to have some fun celebrating, promoting and encouraging the ‘bootstrap spirit’ that we think will play (and has always played) a critical role in getting things moving again.

We’ll give 250 free pens (our Javelin pen) to the first 100 people who let me know about a new business they’re starting in this nasty market (say since March 1, 2009). The pens will be imprinted in one color with the logo of your company (and if you don’t have a logo, let us know and we’ll help you create one at no charge).

If you’re one of the awesome, wonderful, brave souls out there starting a brand new business right now, and you’d like some free pens to promote your business just email me at startup@4imprint.com and tell me:

  • Your name, new company name, and location
  • The date you started and your web address (if you have one)
  • A few words about your new venture – what kind of business is it?

Now, I’m counting on honesty here and reserve the right to turn down anyone who we have a whiff might be taking advantage of us in some way. Also know that if you’re interested I may blog and/or tweet about what you’re up to just because the rest of us want to be excited for you (and we can all use a little more positive excitement)!

So if you’re starting a business, let me know. If you aren’t but know someone who is, let them know about this and have them drop me a line.

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Kevin Lyons-Tarr

Kevin Lyons-Tarr is Chief Executive Officer and has been with 4imprint for 23 years. Look to Kevin’s blog to see hints, tips, news, and tricks of the trade from across all of 4imprint’s blog channels.

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7 Responses to “Starting a Business Right Now? More Power (and FREE pens) to You!”

  1. Anonymous

    In my last post I offered 250 free pens to the first 100 people who let me know that they are starting

  2. Anonymous

    Just a quick update on the 'Free Pens for Start-ups' project. This has really been a blast. We've

  3. Anonymous

    In a previous post I offered to do free imprinted pens for people who are out there starting businesses

  4. Anonymous

    I want some! I'm starting a program that gifts books to kids. Now, I have to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so!

  5. Anonymous

    I'm starting a Commercial Loan/Real Estate Investing business and my friend is starting a Cleaning business.  Does this mean I can get 500 free pens??  (I'm kidding)


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