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During the last few months, we’ve seen the top bag trends of 2019 take shape—or rather, the biggest one has bags taking a number of shapes. And here at 4imprint, we have Exclusive new promotional backpacks and custom sling bags that allow you to shape how people see your brand.


A square backpack offers style

The square-shaped Provo Laptop Backpack features a trendy heather fabric design and is perfect for an employee or customer who travels for business.

Provo Laptop Backpack | Promotional backpacks from 4imprint.

Its large main compartment and zippered pouch don’t have any hidden corners, making it easy to pack or unpack. And the square bottom prevents tipping. Anyone who carries their laptops from one location to another will appreciate this promotional backpack. Give it as a customer thank-you gift for a great referral.


A sling bag for convenience

For the times they need something smaller than a backpack, a custom sling bag may be the perfect solution. These bags give owners a hands-free option for carrying gear—from tablets to phones to pens and keys. Sling bags also provide these benefits:

  • They’re fashionable for any gender
  • Their slim size means they can fit over or under a coat to maximize comfort and safety
  • They work with every mode of transportation—bikes, buses, walking, etc.

The Exclusive Fullerton Sling cross-body bag is a perfect choice for a wellness prize to recognize those who walk or bike to work.

Fullerton Sling Bag | Custom sling bag from 4imprint.

Or hand it out as a prize during a multi-day conference for those who carry their supplies from one room to another.


Promotional backpacks hold gear and attention

A great promotional backpack or sling bag goes everywhere—and carries your brand with it. Your employees and customers are sure to take these Exclusive bags with them to work and conferences for many days to come.


Melanie VandenBoogard
Melanie VandenBoogard

Melanie has been with 4imprint 15 years and is a Senior Category Manager for some of our fastest-growing categories. From backpacks to tote bags and notebooks to journals, Melanie writes about popular brands and trends in bags and stationery products that you’d be proud to put your logo on.

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