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Wow!! I am back from the PPAI Las Vegas show and my head is still spinning (and my feet are finally getting back to normal).  This was my first experience with the PPAI show since I have moved into my Merchandising position and let me tell you that I now have a new found respect for everyone that attends the show.   Not only do you have the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas (which I might add has changed in so many ways from when I used to live out there some years ago), you also have so many suppliers showing so many different items, plus add the new job responsibilities that I am undertaking and now you know why my head is spinning.  There is no way that anyone could see every booth, see every product and absorb everything that they saw (thank goodness for notes).







Even with all of the excitement of the show, I was able to absorb some trends that I saw:





*Ipod colors of pink, green and blue in so many different types of items – not just electronics

*Ipod look/styling for MANY electronics – in white and black colors too





*Military style caps with flat tops (Fidel was what one supplier named it..a better name is needed though!)





*Technology, technology, technology (I need a Technology for Dummies book now)





*My new favorite color is green (either apple or sage) as this was everywhere, but so were pink, turquoise blue and brown too!





*Grommets as embellishment – everyone that was at the show will instantly be able to picture at least one bag with grommets that was everywhere!


*Crank radios, flashlights and solar powered electronics (unfortunately this is due to need from the disasters 2005 brought to the world).





*Fashion trend that we noticed from all of the well dressed ladies at the show and in Las Vegas in general are gaucho pants.  I don’t think that this trend will make it to the apparel in our industry, but just in case you are wondering what to go out and buy for spring clothes, ladies, you heard it here first!!







All in all, it was an excellent adventure, a great learning experience for me and we saw some very exciting new products!!  What more could you ask for out of a trip?  And after getting back from the show (Steph already told you about the fact that neither one of us want to travel on Friday the 13th again, but all in all, we were much luckier than some of our other co-workers), I am so excited to jump into the wonderful world of Merchandising and get some of these great new products added to our website!!  So keep coming back to the NEW items section of our website to see what we did find.




Success and happiness in 2006 to all!!




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