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Scanning through articles and blogs this morning (RSS really is a wonderful thing!) I came across a USA Today piece entitled “Entrepreneurial Marketing Person to Person” by Mary Ellen Sheets of Two Men and a Truck International. Having used the company personally on a couple of occasions (and having been pleased with their service) I was interested to learn more about their story.




It’s a good read on a couple of levels. First, it’s always interesting to hear stories about the birth and growth of a business from the perspective of the people who started it. She gives you a sense of where she’s come from and the philosophies that have helped her along the way.




Second, the article focuses on the importance marketing on a personal, ‘hands on’ level. Local speaking engagements, trade shows, and yes – the infamous logo’d coffee cup with a treat inside (hand delivered of course), have all played an important role in the growth of Two Men and a Truck.  It’s the type of simple, common sense marketing that many businesses don’t spend enough time thinking about.




But as Ms. Sheets points out, it’s marketing that works.

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