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| Updated: September 08, 2021 4 min read

The new year brings a variety of changes to your business, from new accounting spreadsheets to new projects to new promotional products. To help you choose promo items to share with your customers and staff in the coming year, we’ve selected some tech giveaways that are sure to make everyone’s eyes light up—and get them amped for the next 12 months.


Phones and tablets

Smartphones are so common that one-third of Americans live in a home with three or more.

1/3 of U.S. households have three or more smartphones. | 4imprint tech giveaways.


What’s more, 68% of households have at least one tablet. That means any giveaway that can be used with a mobile device is sure to provide a promotional win.


Wireless chargers and charging cables

With so many people using their smartphones for everything—from getting directions to getting in touch to getting their calendar synced—keeping their phone charged is a real concern. That’s what makes charging cables and wireless chargers an ideal electronic promotional item for nearly every employee and customer.

Even better, many chargers are now equipped to handle multiple types of devices, giving customers an extra reason to keep them on hand.

Because people are always on the go at trade shows, the Duo Charging Cable with Phone Stand Keychain—with charging cables for both Android® and iPhone® devices—is a great way to catch the attention of people on the floor. And the Sensor Nightlight Wall Charger makes a great game prize that everyone will want to take home.

When you want to offer a high-end thank-you gift, the Jack Bluetooth® Speaker with Wireless Charging Pad or Carter® Vacuum Bottle with Wireless Charger/Power Bank combines a wireless charger with another useful item—a speaker or beverage container.


Fun and useful accessories

If you’re looking for fun items to share at an event, these tech giveaway ideas are sure to get attention. The Locus Multifunction 6-in-1 Tool Stylus Twist Pen is a practical giveaway that will get lots of use. The Pixie Selfie Light features a ring of lights for picture-perfect selfies. And the Screen Cleaner Companion, available in cat, dog, cow, moose and more, has a soft underside for cleaning off a tablet screen or for cuddling.


Have gear, will travel

Much the way people carry their phone everywhere they go, laptops that go from the office to the road to home are common in the workplace. These electronic promotional items can get your staff members geared up and ready to go.


USB Drives

Although many companies back up their files using a cloud-based system, USB drives can prove useful in several ways. An Evolve USB Flash Drive, Route Swivel USB Flash Drive or Rolly USB Flash Drive gives employees a fast way to:

  • Back up critical data when an internet connection is not available
  • Store backups of presentations in the event of hardware malfunctions
  • Save files that need to be passed off to a client

And when employees pass USB drives along to customers, they have staying power of their own, with 43% of consumers holding onto one for two years or more (PDF).

43% of consumers will keep a USB drive two years or more.


Computer mice

Giving a staff member a Color Block Wireless Mouse or a Wireless Ergonomics Optical Mouse not only makes their laptop easier to use, it adds visibility. And that can really make your brand stand out at customer meetings, airports and coffee shops.


Laptop bags

Give employees a Galactic Laptop Backpack or a Nomad Rolltop Laptop Backpack to help keep their gear stowed and safe. The bags also provide an excellent branding opportunity—a promotional bag generates an average of 3,300 impressions (PDF) over its lifetime.

A promotional bag averages 3,300 impressions in its lifetime. | 4imprint.


Tuned in

Few gifts say “We’re ready to listen to you” like ear buds and speakers. And with a wide variety of styles and price points available, there’s sure to be one that’s a perfect choice for your clients.

Meeting with a customer for the first time? Give them a set of Xactly Krypton Ear Buds with Pouch and tell them you want to hear about all their pain points.

Finishing up a major project and want to offer a more personal gift? Give a Tunes Vacuum Bluetooth® Speaker Bottle. It’s the perfect choice whether your customer loves to hit the road, go to the gym or take long hikes in the woods.


Charge up your giveaway game

Juice up your promotions with these tech giveaway ideas. Smartphone and laptop accessories power up your marketing by creating connections and brand awareness.