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“19 million people in the USA have a commute of over 45 minutes, which means for most of the population they enjoy their first morning coffee at 60mph!” (1)










Mmmfor most of you reading that, your first thoughts are probably how you wish the morning drive was quicker. Those of you reading from downtown, LA, Chicago, San Francisco or Manhattan, probably only commute at 60mph in your dreams!










For me, my mind drifts to travel mugs. Travel mugs have really become a commuter’s right hand and the above quote raises an interesting marketing opportunity…










If you want your brand or company to be in front of your customers first thing in the morning for their 45 minute commute then this is a great product to use. Remind those customers they need to visit your bank, your dry cleaners, your gas station, your supermarket, some time today. If you yourself are a coffee house remind them they get 25c off a tall Americano if they use the mug they purchased from you last time they were in.










Let’s be honest, your company logo doesn’t exactly stay in the car once the commute is over does it?  A quick un-scientific audit at 4imprint confirms the fact that your travel mug stays on their desk in front of them and other associates for the rest of the day, what great advertising exposure.










Top choice for the budget buy Infinity Tumbler #7269





Top choice for this summers colors  Translucent Tumbler #7284





Top choice for standing out in a crowd  Belize #5594










Time for a tall decaf house blend….










(1) quote courtesy of PMI (Aladdin brands) and  Census Transportation Planning Package 2002


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