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I received an e-mail yesterday from a customer of ours in Ohio. It was a simple note to let me know how pleased he was with the service provided by one of our associates. And while I’ve received many notes like this over the years there was a comment in his note that struck me.




In effect, he told me that what stood out about the service he received was that our representative was one of just a ‘few’ he’d encountered professionally who were willing to take the time to ‘deal with’ him.




Think about that. He (the customer!), was thanking us (the company), for ‘dealing with’ him! How backwards is that?




I’m not sharing this with you as some sort of thinly-disguised ‘4imprint service is great’ advertisement. The e-mail caused me to stop and take a moment to think about our business in a way that I really appreciated, and I thought you might enjoy taking a break to reflect on your organization in the same way. Some thoughts:





  • In a time where there’s less and less time, personal service stands out. It’s the exception, not the rule. While that makes me sad on many levels, it’s a great opportunity for your business!
  • His use of the phrase ‘dealing with him’ is interesting. You ‘deal with’ – flat tires and dirty diapers. You don’t ‘deal with’ customers! It made me wonder whether customer service in general has diminshed to the point where good service is defined as finding someone who will ‘deal with’ you (once again, opportunity knocking for your business!).
  • You can have the best systems, best location, the most impressive marketing materials – but it will all come apart if you don’t get every touch right.
  • It made me wonder whether the amount of time I personally spend working to improve all those touches in our business is proportionate to their importance.
  • We’re not perfect – nobody is. I know we pay attention to things we need to improve, but I wondered whether we really pay enough attention to celebrating the successes so we can all learn from them?
  • It made me think about how thankful I am to work with such good people. Then it made me think about whether I tell them that enough…
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Kevin Lyons-Tarr

Kevin Lyons-Tarr is Chief Executive Officer and has been with 4imprint for 23 years. Look to Kevin’s blog to see hints, tips, news, and tricks of the trade from across all of 4imprint’s blog channels.

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