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As a mom, I know firsthand how troublesome it can be to keep children entertained in public places. It’s particularly daunting in places where you need to be quiet, wait for any length of time, or avoid disturbing your neighbors.  Airplanes, churches, libraries, grocery stores, restaurants and doctors’ offices all require some kiddy arsenal to make the visit more tolerable for all involved.

While the kiddos are waiting to be served in your restaurant, you might offer them a coloring placemat and crayons to keep them engaged.



Taking a child on a plane ride can also seem quite overwhelming, what with arriving early, long flights and layovers. Airlines and travel agents can support their school-age travelers with an activity pail. Fill the pail with items of your choosing to engage children with some quiet activities. When they’re back on land, the kids can use the lid for a good old-fashioned game of catch.


Set out a few puzzles in the waiting room of your medical or dental clinic. Older children and adults alike will grab for the Rubik’s® cube or Tangle® puzzle. This might also be a welcome distraction, keeping their minds off of any uncomfortable situations.

Anticipating customer needs at your family-friendly business is tremendously valuable for encouraging their business. Check out our selection of coloring supplies and children’s toys for even more great ideas. Trust me, your parent patrons will thank you!

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