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We’ve all been reading about blogs, blogging, the blogosphere – everything and anything blog.


I have to admit until fairly recently I didn’t get it (only time will tell if I really do!). The whole thing seemed like a way for anyone with too much spare time to talk about what they’ve been doing recently and hope that somebody out there would read about it.


Then came the November elections.


Is there any doubt that blogs had an influence on the political landscape? Ask Dan Rather what he thinks! I began to wonder how this new way to communicate might impact our business. Would there be benefit for our customers? What harm could be done? As I dug further, I quickly came to the conclusion that I wasn’t the first businessperson to think about this (isn’t that funny, don’t you usually think you’re one of the first to worry about something only to Google and find out that you’re one of 2.6 ba-jillion!). Truth be told, I feel a little late to the game. There’s much to learn. I’ve added words like RSS reader, Feedster, Technorati, and perma-link to my vocabulary in a hurry. I’ve read everything I can find from sites and newsletters like MarketingProfs, Marketing Sherpa  and WordBiz. It’s the cover of the latest Fortune (r) Magazine.


Recently our Newsletter Editor, Heather, surveyed our readers and they overwhelmingly told us they’d like more information on how promotional products are being used to build businesses and organizations. We debated about how to do this and realized that in addition to adding more of this content to the newsletter, we could use this new medium as well.


The whole concept crystallized further when I received a call from a customer with exciting news to share. His movie has been nominated to go to the Sundance Film Festival, and he was looking for help with products to promote his film. As we chatted, blogs came to mind again. Very soon, he’ll have his own blog posted here on our ‘chatter site’ and he’ll tell you first hand about his experience, in his words. What an incredible opportunity for all of us to learn from his experience.


That’s what I think this is all about.






P.S. I’ll be at the largest promotional products trade show of the year in Las Vegas. It’s one of the places our team goes to look at the latest trends in merchandise. I’ll write from the show each day so you can get an ‘inside view’!





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