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If you’re a customer of ours you’ve no doubt received one of our infamous 4imprint Blue Box™ mailings. If you’re not a customer, I can’t give you too much detail as I’ve promised the Blue Box recipients to keep that between us. However, I can tell you we use lots and lots and lots of boxes.



Anyway, as part of surprising our Brand With Ten Grand winner, we decided to send them the announcement that they’d won in the bottom of a special Blue Box. But because the winner was receiving $10k in promotional products, a small box just didn’t seem right. So we called Debbie, our representative at Great Lakes Packaging. Because we were under a tight deadline (we came up with the idea about a week before we had to have the box – don’t you hate when that happens?!) we told her we’d be happy with just about any big blue box they could come up with, and were absolutely fine if it wasn’t possible.



Just as they’ve done many times over the years, a rabbit was pulled from the Great Lakes Packaging hat. They didn’t say ‘no’, they didn’t just send any blue box, in less than a business week they found a way to produce real, huge, 4imprint Blue Box™. You can see a picture of it by clicking here, and see it in action by watching the ‘surprised winners’ video here.



It’s hard to find good service these days. Good to see it’s alive and well at Great Lakes…

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Kevin Lyons-Tarr

Kevin Lyons-Tarr is Chief Executive Officer and has been with 4imprint for 23 years. Look to Kevin’s blog to see hints, tips, news, and tricks of the trade from across all of 4imprint’s blog channels.

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2 Responses to “How’s This for Service?”

  1. Maria Palma

    I’m not a customer of yours, but you’ve definitely stirred up my curiousity. Isn’t it great when we receive great service? I like the creativity and the idea of "Brand With Ten Grand".

    Great read 🙂

  2. klt

    Great service is a beautiful, beautiful thing! It’s wonderful that the folks at Great Lakes provided such an outstanding example. Glad to hear the Blue Boxes piqued your curiosity. They’re a critical component in our mission to help our customers succeed.



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