4imprint, LLC

| Updated: February 28, 2022

Have you noticed this fun, interesting trend? I’ve been seeing branded glass water bottles, mugs, cups, travel tumblers and other drinkware as an eco-friendly alternative to reusable plastic. We’ve trusted glass to be a safe and recyclable material for holding everything from spaghetti sauce to soda, so it’s only natural that it would find its way to water bottles, mugs and travel tumblers.


Promotional glass water bottles

Glass water bottles with silicone wraps are especially useful to keep a solid grip on the bottle while adding a stylish design element and a pop of color, like our colorful Jameson Glass Bottle.

Jameson Glass Bottle


Branded glass tumblers

Insulated glass travel tumblers have dual-wall construction to keep liquids hot without transferring that heat to your hands. These are available in the popular “to-go branded glass mug” style. Or offer something special: The Easton Glass Cup with Bamboo Lid that has a double-wall design, so people can enjoy their temperature-controlled drink in a stylish mug that stands out.

Easton Glass Cup with Bamboo Lid


Promotional glass water bottles and tumblers: A clear choice

Branded glass water bottles, mugs, cups and other drinkware have a high-class feel with a satisfying weight — sounds like the perfect recipe for your next upscale executive gift or special occasion! Check out more promotional glass water bottle and tumbler options.