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| Updated: January 22, 2020 2 min read

Companies often talk about service with a smile. The simple act of smiling has benefits beyond making customers love your business. It can lower stress and tension, too. And when it comes to giving your customers a stress-reducing grin, fun tech giveaways do double duty.

If you want to take service with a smile to the next level (perhaps service with a spark of joy), these chargers—which are only available at 4imprint®—are sure to impress. They have an adorable smiling face and include USB Type-A, USB Type-C and duo connectors that charge Android®, iPhone® and micro-USB devices. All of which means these grinning tech promotional items are sure to make customers beam every time they think about your brand.


Charge customer smiles

The TechMate Duo Charging Cable and USB Hub features a smiling face that greets them as they’re charging devices. It also doubles as a phone stand, making this versatile cable a great tech promotional item for a pop-up shop or retail store.

TechMate Duo Charging Cable and USB Hub | Fun tech giveaways from 4imprint.

A stand-up guy

When you want to show your customers that your company takes both business and fun seriously, offer them the smiling Cord Buddy Duo Charging Cable with Phone Stand. The cute sneaker-wearing feet slide out to transform the cable into a phone stand. Plus, it easily clips to a key ring or bag, making it easy to keep on hand. It is likely to be a sought-after tech giveaway at trade shows and events.

Cord Buddy Duo Charging Cable with Phone Stand | Tech promotional items from 4imprint.Cord Buddy Duo Charging Cable with Phone Stand 2 | Fun tech promotional items from 4imprint.


Lighting up faces and devices

When service with a smile (or a spark of joy) is your goal, these fun tech giveaways are sure to do the trick. With each grinning face and charged up device, you’ll bring a little joy—and a little less stress—to your customers.


Michelle Banks
Michelle Banks

Michelle is 4imprint’s Technology Category Manager, and has been with the company for 15 years. Keeping a close eye on what’s going on in the changing tech world, Michelle writes about the most popular products that customers want.

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