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Any other Kitchen Nightmares fans out there? On the show, top-ranked chef, Gordon Ramsay, visits failing restaurants and helps them overhaul their businesses and community images. My favorite part of the show is when Ramsay’s team does an overnight restaurant makeover followed by a highly-publicized re-grand opening. Usually, the menu is updated along with the entire restaurant interior. This idea of reinventing your image would be such a great way to give any business a jumpstart.

Are you opening new doors or re-launching your restaurant?  Or maybe you’re just unveiling a new menu item at your establishment. Keep your patrons in the loop by featuring your exciting news on these enticing promoters:

*Scented pencils are a very cost-effective way to promote your new catering business or bakery grand opening. Just print the juicy details on the aptly-scented barrel and give away with abandon!


*Get your patrons excited about your new dessert menu. Send your regulars a coupon code on a tube of chocolate lip balm. After all, scents are one of the strongest memory triggers. Customers will be craving your sweet selection with each application.

*Lure new visitors to your tavern grand opening with a chance to win something truly exciting, such as this wine and cheese set.

Check out our selection of restaurant and bar advertising specialties for even more great ideas! Or check out the show for great tips and tricks from the gourmet guru himself. I’ll be watching right along with you.


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Jessica Collins

Jessica is the Web Copy Manager and has been with 4imprint for 6 years. She blogs about seasonal promotions and creative and meaningful product uses.

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