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If there’s anything that could route more traffic to your booth, it’s an enticing set-up. That and extra-special giveaways! Here are some of the best ideas I’ve seen for making your booth the most inviting one in the aisle:

Movement: Static, stationary booths are sufficient, but stations that provide movement have an extraordinary attractor factor. For instance, the scrolling ad banner grabs attention with its constant flow of information. Anything a little unexpected is sure to catch their eyes.

Glowy Items and Lights: A dark exhibit with light-up products is a surefire crowd draw. Mood lights , light-up novelties , and glow-in-the-dark merchandise have a special magnetism about them.

Games: Challenge passers-by to a fun game with valuable prizes. A toss game or card contest  will keep potential clients thoroughly engaged. Booths with games are often the most memorable. So, customers will remember you when they need you!

Exceptionally Exciting Giveaways: While everyone else is giving away imprinted keychains and pens, you could benefit greatly by giving out something exceptional like a designer tote, a multi-purpose kitchen gadget, or a set of measuring spoons with personality. These will all be put to good use.

Demos: A simple demonstration makes your product come alive. Show customers how your product works and the different ways it can be used. A booming voice and charismatic attitude are also valuable assets!

And if your booth smells like chocolate, you might possibly have the biggest draw of all!

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Jessica Collins

Jessica is the Web Copy Manager and has been with 4imprint for 6 years. She blogs about seasonal promotions and creative and meaningful product uses.

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