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NOTE: Here’s case study #2. Ever wonder what makes others ‘tick’? Ever wonder what makes you ‘tick’? Accomplish Moore helps people answer those questions and that leads to improved organization effectiveness – and better results!  Hope you enjoy the Accomplish Moore story….another mini case-study coming next week. -klt

Building business through discovering “self”

Accomplish Moore Enterprises – Tamela Moore

When Tamela Moore speaks to an organization in the Ohio tri-state region, it’s not your typical business lecture.

Rather, employees should plan to leave the event with a renewed sense of self and what makes them and their co-workers “tick.”

Moore’s Accomplish Moore program puts personalities at its core to assess why individuals act the way that they do. Through helping employees discover themselves, they build a self-awareness that allows them to adjust the way they act and react in various situations.

The result? Increased productivity and improved communication within the organization and a heightened sense of internal camaraderie.

“I have discovered it is so important for people to understand why they do what they do. It’s amazing to first see that light bulb go on in their minds and then apply that knowledge to their personal and career relationships,” said Moore. Her main focuses are on basic personality awareness through the True Colors© system, internal communication and team building.

With a background in human resources, communication and organizational behavior, Moore is able to analyze personality behavior and offer her expertise and resources in both introductory and advanced programs. In 2007 alone, she performed over 30 engagements for both new and repeat customers – elevating her to professional status within the National Speaker’s Association (NSA).

Moore credits her success to both the Ohio Chapter of NSA and her Mastermind Group. The group, composed of five other professional speakers, is committed to helping one another grow their businesses through providing a “think tank” atmosphere.

In addition to support from NSA and fellow Mastermind members, Moore uses promotional products to further expand and grow her business. Specifically, coaster weights and full-color mood magnets.

“I use the coasters as thank you gifts for clients. They are gorgeous, heavy, and people are floored by them!” expressed Moore. “And, because they’re such a nice quality, I know it reminds them of the quality of my work, too.”

Moore also uses the full-color mood magnets, imprinted with her logo and Web site, during her personality workshops. To this day, she receives phone calls from clients who thank her for the rewarding experience and tell her they still set their mood magnet daily.

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2 Responses to “Customer Case Study #2 – Accomplish Moore Enterprises”

  1. Anonymous

    Sounds like Tammy knows what she is doing.  Many organizations need more of her and her session.  Keep up the good work.

  2. Anonymous

    Tammy offers wonderful programs – she has both a warm demeanor and solid knowledge of the topic.  The promotional products are ideal for her work.


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