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Last year, Jessica, our web copy manager, wrote this great post on how to use power banks and selecting the right product for your device.  We all know technology products are ever-changing, so we’ve added quite a few new items to this product line to fit the needs of the marketplace.  Thanks Jessica for the update!

How do power banks work? What is mAh? How do I know if this power bank works with my iPhone®? We’re hearing these questions from our customers quite frequently, so we thought it might be helpful to offer a bit of an explanation. So let me help break it down for you:

Power banks are portable chargers for your cell phones or tablets. Having one on-hand when you’re on the road or away from electricity may be critical to maintain cell phone power. Power bank are typically charged via the USB port of your computer. Then, you’ll use that same USB charging cable that came with your Apple® or Android device to hook your phone up to the power bank for extra juice. We do offer several power banks that come with your typical universal adapters, so you might not even need your own charging cable.

mAh is basically a measure of the amount of charge that a device holds. For example, a fully charged iPhone® 6 has a 1810 mAh value based on the manufacturer’s specs. A power bank with 2000 mAh, such as our Compact Power Bank, is sufficient to completely charge the iPhone® 6 because the power bank charge exceeds the cell phone capacity. Also, a power bank with an mAh value of 4000 or more would charge this same cell phone at least twice.

4imprint l Promotional Products l Compact Power Bank

Tablets require quite a bit more power, as you might imagine, but the same rules apply. To get a complete charge, you would want to find a power bank with an mAh value equal to or greater than the mAh capacity of the device. The Nexus 10 has a 9000 mAh value, so the Zoom Energy Power Bank would be sufficient to fully charge that particular tablet once.

4imprint l Promotional Products l Zoom Energy Power Bank

Amps are what determine how fast your device will charge. Most smartphones require only 1 amp and most tablets require 2.1, so be sure to find a power bank that matches your needs. Most modern devices self-regulate how many amps are pushed through. So, for example, your cell phone will charge at 1 amp even when connected to a 2.1 amp power bank. You’ll find that our smartphone power banks typically offer at least 1 amp while our tablet power banks offer 2.1 amps.

Here is a list of power banks that we currently offer and their mAh values. Below that is a list of smartphone and tablet models and their mAh values. Check the mAh value of your smartphone or tablet to determine which power bank would work the best for you!

Power Bank 2000-2900 mAhmAh
Cell Phone Power Bank2200
Color Block Power Bank2200
Compact Power Bank2000
Cylinder Power Bank2200
Digital Display Power Bank2200
Emergency Power Bank2200
Energize Portable Power Bank2200
Energize Portable Power Bank with Pouch2200
myCharge Portable Charger2200
On The Go Power Bank2200
Power Bank with Wristlet2200
Round Two Tone Power Bank2200
Rubberized Power Bank2200
Slim Power Bank2200
Zoom Mini Power Bank2800
Zoom Power Anode2600
Zoom Power Bank Square2000


Delano Power Bank4000

Power Bank 3000-5900 mAhmAh
Benni Power Bank5600
Dual Power Bank4800
Dual Square Power Bank4000
Executive Power Bank5000
Marco Power Bank4400
Newton Power Bank3000
Stockton Power Bank4400
Vibrant Flashlight Power Bank4000
Zoom Extreme Power Bank5600
Zoom Ohm Power Bank5600
Zoom Power Bank Box5600
Zoom Slim Bolt Power Bank4000
Zoom Slim Micro Power Bank5200


Power Bank 6000+ mAhmAh
Fabrizio Power Bank8000
Fidus Power Bank11000
Mondo Power Bank8000
myCharge Power Bank6000
Zoom Dual Power Bank Pro8400
Zoom Energy Power Bank11200
Zoom Power Bank Bar6600


Smartphone ModelmAh
Apple iPhone 6 Plus2915
Apple iPhone 61810
Apple iPhone 5S1560
Apple iPhone 5c1510
Samsung Galaxy S62550
Samsung Galaxy S52800
Samsung Galaxy Note 33200
Nokia Lumina 8302200
HTC One2300
Moto X2200


Tablet ModelmAh
Nexus 109000
Nexus 96700
iPad Air8600
iPad 411560
iPad Mini 36470
iPad Mini 26470
Galaxy Tab 4 10.16800
Galaxy Note 10.18220
Surface 2 Pro4200
Kindle Fire HDx74550


I hope this post helps clear up some of the difficult-to-understand side of power bank technology and helps make purchasing a portable charger a little bit easier.


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