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Upper Valley Community Credit Union

Customers of Upper Valley Community Credit Union (UVCCU) in Lebanon, N.H., are less like acquaintances and more like friends and family.

“It’s about the people here, not sales,” said Deb Prior, director of marketing and community development at UVCCU. “Working as a team, we have our members at heart. Being able to focus on them alone allows us to provide better help and do what’s best, without having to worry about meeting numbers.”

Since 1951, UVCCU has managed to provide excellent service to its more than 3,400 customers from one location, all the while maintaining a high employee retention rate. Currently sitting at 10 employees, the credit union manages to keep its employees and customers happy through increased personal service and a genuinely caring attitude.

On any given day at UVCCU, it’s not uncommon to see parents, children and pets spread throughout the lobby – even if they’re not in need of a service! This family atmosphere and judgment-free zone allows for UVCCU employees to truly connect with clients on a level beyond traditional pleasantries.

“People stop in simply to see what kind of cookies we’re having on Friday!” elaborated Prior. “Our employees know everything about their customers – from their goldfish’s name to their personal strife. We’re there for the long haul, and our customers know that.”

Throughout the years, UVCCU has managed to retain its small, hometown atmosphere while still providing the latest technology and services, including a newly renovated lobby, upgraded internal systems and online service options. The credit union also supplements its services with educational opportunities, including a financial literacy program, twice-annual newsletters and credit counseling.

The key to all of UVCCU’s service and program success is keeping the lines of communication open and ensuring outreach remains at the forefront. And, not forgetting to have a little fun along the way! Whether dressing up on holidays or giving promotional gifts away with every new account, the UVCCU team keeps the light, exciting atmosphere alive.

“The sense of humor here is truly contagious. At our last home show, we brought along logo’d basketballs and hoops to set up – they were such a hit! People were taking shots left and right, laughing all the while. Every day we try to bring a smile to our customers’ faces and, hopefully, give them back,” said Prior.

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