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When working for the Office of Naval Research (ONR), ADS Corporation sticks by its tried and true motto: We hire the best, expect the best and strive to be the best.

And, it’s paid off. ADS Corporation has been providing support to ONR since 1996 and has quickly grown from an initial three-person company to now more than 20 employees. The company’s dedicated team provides financial and budget analysis, engineering, science and technology program management and special process studies to ONR on a regular basis.

“A lot of times customers don’t want us out of their sight because we provide such outstanding support!” said Traci Ince, vice president of sales and marketing for ADS Corporation.

Ince credits the company’s success to the impeccable standards set and upheld by President and CEO Garry Perkins. ADS Corporation employees believe that quality is everything, and anything less than perfect is unacceptable.

“Your deliverables in a services-type industry speak for themselves,” expressed Ince. “Everybody wants to do well and provide valuable input and deliverables to their customers. Our customers respect our employees and value their services.  ADS has many internal rewards programs in place so you want to succeed and thrive!”

One such reward program, titled “On the Spot Awards,” honors employees who go above and beyond their normal job description with an immediate $250 bonus and a certificate of appreciation. Other reward programs include an end-of-the-year profit sharing bonus, a wellness reimbursement program and a “new employee welcome kit” that is stocked full of promotional pens, coffee cups, lanyards and a logo’d polo shirt. Coming in 2009, ADS will instate flexible spending accounts as well.

Incentive reward programs at ADS Corporation have contributed to a heightened sense of employee worth, morale, increased production and overall customer satisfaction. And, not to mention, significant company growth as well.

“We now have a reputation for bringing in the right people to do the right job,” said Ince. “Competition is fierce and ADS has really had to shine and show our services are superior, and it’s paid off in repeat and new customers.”

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