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Pronto Delivery, Chad Roberts and Tiffany McClure

In a world full of FedExT and UPST drivers, how can a small-business courier, freight and logistics company survive? Through staying on top of customer needs and offering unparalleled service, that’s how!

Pronto Delivery of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, differentiates itself from the industry’s heavy hitters through providing a variety of quick, on-demand services – a practice not typical to other delivery giants.

“We work directly with each customer to find the cheapest routes, using the best equipment,” said Chad Roberts, sales manager for certified woman-owned Pronto Delivery. “Almost anyone can start a courier or delivery service, but our experience and ability to quickly respond to customer needs is what makes us stand out.”

Although Pronto Delivery’s main focus is regional, its services are available nationwide as well, serving more than 8,000 clients on an annual basis. Its delivery capabilities range from light-weight envelopes to 48,000 pounds of freight. The company also offers warehousing, distribution and cross-docking services.

With a fleet of more than 200 vehicles, Pronto Delivery has recently begun to focus on acting proactively rather than reactively to stay in the competitive game.

“We do a lot of planning ahead and brainstorming, trying to get every department’s opinion how we can continue to grow while keeping customers and employees happy,” said Roberts.

Nearly two years ago the company underwent a complete re-branding effort, and is still continuing to push its new brand image and increase awareness in the southwest region of the United States.

And, according to Tiffany McClure, marketing manager for Pronto Delivery, promotional products have become increasingly important in heightening brand recognition.

“We use them anywhere we can, from industry conferences to ‘cold call’ visits,” said McClure. “Rather than just giving out the usual business card, promotional products are something that can stand on a desk or fit in a purse. That impact goes a lot further than a business card!”

Pronto Delivery’s focus and investment on its new image have certainly paid off, as it has witnessed steady growth every year since its inception.

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  1. Anonymous

    The smaller delivery companies less that 1000 employees are the companies nible and diverse enough to provide the quality and speed of service the big boys simply can't.  While this industry has not seen much consolidation, its reasons like this such a fragmented market can provide such great services.


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