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When supplying surplus parts to the nuclear industry, being on top of the game is critical to success. That’s why Jackson, Miss.-based Divesco makes efficiency and customer satisfaction its top priorities.

Since 1979, Divesco has become an integral part of the U.S. nuclear plant industry, buying, storing and reselling specialized materials to and from more than 100 plants nationwide. Its services assist nuclear plants in reducing inventory and, in turn, becoming more cost-efficient.

“We protect all materials for future use within the power industry, storing it under strict quality assurance (QA) controls to maintain the highest of safety standards,” said Kay Fisher, vice president of Divesco. “This maintains traceability for our clients while still allowing them to perform their intended purpose.”

Divesco retains its position as a key nuclear supplier by maintaining a time-intensive focus on servicing its customers. When working in an industry that seems in a constant emergency state, it’s necessary to enhance immediacy and emphasize same- or next-day delivery of any needed materials.

“When we can get the inventory out within a day or so, we have a big advantage over our competitors. And, it really helps in fostering the relationships we currently have with our customers; they know they can rely on us,” expressed Fisher, who is part of a six-employee team at Divesco.

The company expects to see significant growth in upcoming years due to the increased industry dependency on inventory suppliers. Fisher and her coworkers plan on supplementing industry demand with increased marketing opportunities for growth as well.

“On a widespread basis, we try to keep our name in front of people,” said Fisher. “At conferences or when visiting clients, we’ve found that promotional products are great attention-grabbers and future reminders for business.”

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