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| Updated: November 12, 2020 4 min read

When it’s time to order promotional products, it can be tempting to order the exact amount you think you’ll need—no more and no less. However, purchasing bulk giveaways provides multiple advantages you may not have considered.


Buying bulk giveaways saves you money. | 4imprint bulk giveaways.


In addition to cost savings, ranging from pennies to dollars per item, here are five advantages of ordering bulk promotional items.


1. Have what you need at trade shows

Trying to select the perfect number of giveaways to take to a trade show can be complicated. One source estimates that at larger trade shows (those with 2,000 or more attendees), 25% will stop and pick up a giveaway. For trade shows with fewer than 2,000 people, be prepared for 75% to visit your booth and take a promotional item.


Always bring sufficient trade show giveaways. | 4imprint bulk promotional items.


However, these numbers vary. Bring a highly popular giveaway, and you may find that your foot traffic increases—until the giveaway runs out. Ordering in bulk ensures you have a promo item for every potential prospect.

For example webcam privacy is an important topic. Create a draw to your table when you offer information accompanied by Slim Webcam Privacy Covers or Webcam Cover Screen Cleaning Mates. Having the right number of covers can bring your per item cost down and keep a steady flow of visitors coming to your booth.


2. Plan for the future

When it comes to outfitting your team, buying in bulk doesn’t just help you cut costs—it also ensures you have shirts, pants and other items available without having to spend time and money on last-minute orders.

Buy multiple apparel items, such as the Riverside Performance Polos for women or men, in varied sizes so you can:

  • Have extra shirts on hand for seasonal staff
  • Be prepared for new hires
  • Replace worn or damaged shirts immediately instead of waiting for a replacement to arrive


Keeping extra uniforms on hand has multiple advantages. | 4imprint bulk giveaways.


Ordering even a dozen shirts instead of six saves you nearly the cost of one shirt. The more you purchase, the more you save.


3. Make high-end swag more affordable

When you want to offer a high-end gift to a customer, cost can be a factor in more ways than one. In addition to keeping your company costs down, many of your customers will be subject to rules about the price tag on the gifts they can accept.

Ordering bulk promotional items can be a big win for both the giver and the receiver. For example, if you order enough Wenger Origins 15″ Laptop Backpack, the cost drops below $75 per bag, which may keep it within your recipient’s allowable amount.


4. Prepare for last-minute events

Planning for events and trade shows well in advance provides the luxury of time: Time to choose the perfect giveaway, time to determine the correct number of items to bring, and time to order your promotional products so they will arrive on schedule. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible.

Take advantage of bulk giveaways so you always have extra items on hand for a last-minute local event, speaking engagement, or can’t-pass-up trade show. An item like the Bic® Non-Adhesive Notepad is good to have on hand because virtually everyone can use it.


5. Prepare for multiple promotions

Many popular promotional products can be used for multiple promotions. For example, with Canada looking to ban single-use plastics as early as 2021, a Reusable Silicone Straw in Keychain Case will be a popular giveaway for trade shows, an ideal gift for employees, and a nice addition to a silent-auction gift basket.


Bigger can be better

Ordering bulk giveaways helps you plan and prepares you for the unplanned. By keeping extra giveaways on hand, you’ll always be ready to share some swag and your brand.