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| Updated: November 10, 2021 4 min read

There’s a lot to love about fall. Students head back to school, the foliage turns the outdoors into artwork, and many people enjoy cooler days with the comfort of a light jacket or sweater. Your brand can be part of that joy with fall apparel giveaways. If you’re looking for comfortable, stylish autumn apparel giveaways, we have branded fleece jackets, sweatshirts, vests and other attire to fit any need. Take a look at these weather-related gift ideas you can use for any occasion—whether a gift for your teammates, a social media contest prize or a trade show giveaway.


Warm branded windbreakers and jackets

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute (PDF) study, a single piece of outerwear generates roughly 6,100 impressions. That makes promotional outwear an excellent gift for anyone, from traveling salespeople to employees out in the field to customers. Every time employees and customers put on their favorite jacket when there’s a chill, they’ll be exposing your brand to countless eyes.

Man celebrating fall in a scarf and branded jacket, with leaves falling around him

There are multiple jacket styles to choose from. Increase the chances of getting your brand seen by handing out branded fleece jackets. Not only is fleece a timeless fall favorite, but it’s also popular in the fashion world. That means a Crossland® Heather Fleece Jacket for men or women is sure to get a lot of use both at the office and home.

Branded windbreakers are another classic option. The high-quality Columbia® Flashback Full-Zip Windbreaker or Harriton® Packable Nylon Jacket is sure to be popular.


Versatile branded vests

Fall weather can be notorious for changing wildly from day to day (or even from morning to afternoon!), so vests are useful cool weather gifts in many ways. Vests:

  • Warm the core, which then warms the extremities.
  • Take up less room in a bag or suitcase when traveling.
  • Help prevent overheating when walking or running, so they rarely have to be removed and carried.
Woman in a vest walking her dog outside next to trees and falling leaves

With several high-end options, vests also make an excellent autumn apparel giveaway for top customers who love to be outdoors in cooler weather. The North Face® Insulated Vest for women or men or the Crossland® Soft Shell Vest for men or women will get your brand seen while keeping customers comfortable.


Useful branded long sleeves

Promotional T-shirts and polos are always a good fit, whether you’re using them for your employees or handing them out at trade shows. They generate thousands of impressions and recipients, on average, keep T-shirts for over a year (PDF).

Branded shirt with other clothing hanging on hangers next to a calendar

And as short-sleeved T-shirts and polos head into storage for the fall, branded long-sleeved shirts can take their place. Update employee uniforms with a Spin Dye Long Sleeve Pique Polo for men or women or a Pro UV Performance Long Sleeve Polo and you’ll keep employees comfortable and looking sharp.

Both your team and your customers will appreciate a Fruit of the Loom® long-sleeve T-shirt, making it an ideal fall promotional giveaway for an autumn trade show.


Cozy branded sweaters and sweatshirts

When it comes to cool weather gifts, nothing says comfy cozy like sweaters and sweatshirts. Just putting one on and taking a moment to enjoy the brisk weather says “fall.” And with so many styles and price points to choose from, these fall promotional items make perfect prizes for trade shows, raffles or events.

A Jerzees® Snow Heather Sweatshirt or Jerzees Snow Heather Hoodie offers warmth with or without a hood. And the Pilbloc V-Neck Button Down Cardigan Sweater for men or the Cutter & Buck® V-Neck Merino Blend Sweater for women can turn a chilly day at the office into a warm reminder of your brand.


Comfy and memorable fall apparel giveaways

From branded jackets to sweaters, autumn apparel giveaways are a perfect way to keep out the fall chill. And a perfect way to get your brand seen every time the leaves start to change. Happy fall!